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MArch Architecture

Amy Ferguson

Amy Ferguson 3

Winner of The West Yorkshire Society of Architects Prize 2021

While the connection of homes and streets in terms of political demonstrations has in recent decade been altered due to the capabilities of instant and mobile documentations, this recent period of COVID-19 lockdown further magnified the desire towards the combination of remote and in-situ political movements – the era of ‘armchair activism’. This has led to the aim of the project to recognise the potential of linking a locally immersive and adaptive environment of work and occupancy with globalised political campaigns on world-wide environmental and ecological issues. Thus the project creates a ‘laboratories of politics’ that are equipped with architecturally kinetic mechanism of ‘skeletons, skins and parallaxes’, drawing inspirations from the adaptability of film and theatre production sets, and multi-locational virtual relaying technologies, for future inhabitants. The project probes a series of protest architecture for activists and a hub of ‘politics-as-lived’ for the like-minded to research, campaign and form communities of affinities.

The adaptability of the architectural kinetic mechanism activates the protest territories, occupying and transforming spaces within the street, on structures and within buildings. Many parts of the architectural kinetic system can be re-distributed in the protest territory and also move to remote locations yet keeping a synchronic relation with the base labs. The parallax of space across time extends to a parallax of multiple situations and modes of activisms.

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