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Grace Butcher

Grace Butler 3

A Post Pandemic Story Book to reconnect a Faceless Society 2021

Winner of the 2021 Undergraduate Architecture Prize for Dissertation

A research proposition conducted through the COVID19 pandemic and articulated into a story book of current conditions, to challenge Co-living as a way to overcome the Isolation experienced in our home environments.

The project focuses on ‘Care’ as the primary narrative for the way community is instilled in us as people, rather than as an architectural proposition to ‘make community.’

As a result of the Pandemic, buildings have stood empty and our conditions of home confronted as a place of safety and for some anxiety. Our social bubbles and digital windows have been our key to contact, and 2 meters distances have gone against our need for human interactions. Yet our system for wellbeing stopped and people’s humanitarian needs fell short as a way to stop the spread of COVID19. Yet in the wake of the pandemic 'Care' has been the one commodity that has prevailed to keep us going, even when our everyday system for living collapsed.

Therefore, the project articulates an open-ended framework to accommodate multi-collaborative spaces as a deployment of structural components, for a system of user inputted conditions to build neighbourhoods that harness a continuity of people’s spatial needs, rather than conformed to the rules of minimums for our accommodation and work. This is then displaced into a system of pattern as a way to re-connect the trinkets of human information into a geometry of connections. This then dissects moments that enable 'Care' in user specified spaces, in a structure that can facilitate the rapid need for adaptable change, implementing ideas learnt during Lockdown.

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