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Postgraduate Landscape Architecture

Emily Rusby 2

The majority of post graduate landscape architects will graduate in late September 2021 and this is when the majority of student work will be visible. If you wish to see a notification of when this work goes live and other updates from Landscape Architecture please follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Our post graduates have been working on creative solutions on subjects ranging from urban woodland planting to flood resilient spaces and from retrofitting streets and buildings to design for special educational needs. Similar to many young people, there is a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and the drive to make a difference. In addition, they have shown their adaptability to the online spaces we inhabited for much of this last year.

The online world opened new possibilities as we were joined by contributors to our Open Lecture series from around the globe and continued our collaboration with the City of Amsterdam Department of Planning and Sustainability. International students have been  able to join us remotely and in Leeds to bring new influences and ideas to our student group.

Our Masters and Post Graduate Diploma courses are accredited by the Landscape Institute, and as well as equipping students with skills for practice, we encourage students to develop their own values in a creative studio-based setting. Our programme offers full and part-time options and welcomes graduates from a wide range of backgrounds and stages in life. There is very high demand from employers for landscape architects and in many ways there has never been a more important and exciting time to join the profession and become part of the next generation of environmental visionaries.