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BA (Hons) Fashion

Liam Newby 1

Our students create compelling design narratives, inspired by theory, body language, the senses, ethics, arts and culture to inform aesthetically beautiful and emotionally engaging clothing. They are encouraged to explore the boundaries of creative possibility through pattern cutting, construction and fabrication to realise their design concepts. Synthesising experimental practice and theory enables our students to create original work, in favour of innovation, sustainability, and longevity.  Our graduates will become pioneers of the future, with the technical and conceptual capacity required to bring about change.

“ I believe a fashion designer is a storyteller, creating worlds and narratives that incorporate clothing and design, extending into accessories, photography, styling, hair and make up. Clothing helps us express our emotions on the inside, on the outside. Fashion design incorporates pattern cutting, draping, hand sewing, machine sewing, and it can encompass printing, knitting, and embroidery.”

Matty Bovan 

BA (Hons) Fashion Course Page Presentation

Ruby Lee 8
BA (Hons) Fashion
Course Page Presentation