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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Dayna Heaviside

Dayna Heaviside 1

Working with photography and text, my practice is concerned with negotiating feminine subjectivity in the age of the internet; investigating ideas relating to the gaze, spectatorship, surveillance and power. My practice stems from a close engagement with critical theory, and I’m particularly interested in the writing of Chris Kraus and Hito Steyerl.

My work often draws upon art history and I’m interested in the notion of the copy in art, particularly how the reworking and relocating of artworks into contemporary contexts may help to understand them, or critique them. In approaching issues of data and privacy, the appropriation or deliberate reworking of artworks explores postmodernist ideas of authorship, and I am interested in the internet as a shared experience.

Recently, I have set out to address the physicality of the internet and I am interested in how installing the female body within the capitalist landscape of Silicon Valley may allow for the disruption of data recorded by Google, whose stated aim is to organise the world’s information. These digital wanderings draw upon Lauren Elkin’s Flâneuse (2016), seeking to impose a female gaze within an inherently masculine landscape.

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