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BA (Hons) Graphic Arts & Design

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Graphic Art & Design at Leeds Beckett University has a long history associated with multi-disciplinarity and innovation. It has never shied away from current debates regarding the territory of Graphic Design (in its broadest sense) and the problems it has the potential to address. It has always been a testing ground for reaching beyond convention and established practices, to question and provoke. In the expanded field of Graphic Design our students are well placed to navigate a shifting terrain and establish their own graphic voices, informed by their own opinions, intentions and priorities. In making this work, our students have identified their interests and concerns, exploring historical, cultural, social, political, environmental and economic contexts in which Graphic Design exists and affects. 


This year our students have engaged in socially-minded projects which have reached out to our wider community. In doing so they have explored the positive impact Graphic Design can have and how they as creatives can effect real change. We have also seen how our students can adapt and rethink their ideas in times of extreme uncertainty and crisis. They have shown a tremendous amount of creative resilience which will undoubtedly stand them in good stead for their professional careers.   


[Course is now called BA (Hons) Graphic Design]