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BA (Hons) Product Design

Illustration by Iona Sutherland

BA (Hons) Product Design at Leeds School of Arts encourages creativity for purpose and for the fulfilment of human need. Our students are design thinkers who address real world challenges through creative input, technical capability, contextual insight and empathy for people.

Four distinct threads combine to form the identity of the course; Human centred design research allows our students to gain human insight into diverse design issues. Design Thinking engages them in a reflective and iterative process of design development and learning through doing. Design Realisation allows students to communicate their design ideas through compelling product design outcomes, and Operating as a Designer helps them develop their transferable skills to work effectively as a product designer in real world contexts.

Every year, our students redefine the boundaries of Product Design practice with a range of challenging and impactful project themes. Our outcomes this year include a chair to encourage mindfulness, a task light to help those with dyslexia, a kit to help parents and children learn together through play, and a product to aid the safety of refugees. 

BA (Hons) Product Design scored 100% student satisfaction in this year’s National Student Survey. 

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