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BA (Hons) Filmmaking


Young woman with dark hair

A young girl, Iris, spends most of her days in a local forest, her escape from reality, a place she calls home. Iris begins to discover that there is a deep connection between her and cats which takes her on a journey of becoming the most authentic self she can be. When a mysterious man online appears in her life, she must overcome the sexualisation of her true self.


Iris -Rebecca Smith
Iris (Voice) - Courtney Dodds
AnimalLover96 - Alex Jarvis


Written by - Jackson Castillo Evans
Director of Photography - Kyle Marper
Gaffer - Dario Alba
Editor - Drew Sheldon
Produced by - Jay Dodds
Directed by - Jay Dodds

BA (Hons) Filmmaking | Experimental Iris

Woman with face painted as a cat with the word 'iRis' next to her
BA (Hons) Filmmaking | Experimental