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BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Only Light

Person diving underwater in a blue sea

What is an epiphany? Just an insight? Simply a reflection the past? Through a series of personal and touching stories we will hear about epiphanies that have changed the paths of people's lives, giving an insight into the unseeable.

Only Light follows the emotionally charged narratives of four people who have experienced epiphanies. These four stories are interwoven throughout and richly brought to life through the use of animated shapes and figures, which bring the otherwise ineffable experiences into visual form. Full of charm, the stories are ones of transformation and hope.


Producer - Naomi Midgelow
Cinematography & Music - Mike Watkins
Editor - Darcie Mann
Sound - Lillie Brazier
Colour Grading - Mark James Firth

BA (Hons) Filmmaking | Documentary Only Light

Beautiful pink rose
BA (Hons) Filmmaking | Documentary
Only Light