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Music and Sound

Singer and keyboard player on stage at Smokestack, Leeds

The Music and Sound Subject Area is an innovative community of students, alumni, active practitioners and artist-researchers who embrace the cohabitation of artistic practice and scientific exploration. At one end of the spectrum BAH Music Performance and Production provides a practical education in developing music performance aptitude intertwined with contemporary music production. At the other end, BSc Audio Engineering develops technical, scientific and engineering skills with the purpose of producing high-quality audio solutions.   BAH Music Production, BAH Music Industries Management, and BSc Music Technology offer our students the opportunity to focus and develop their abilities in a wide range of skills including organising festivals, arts promotion, music for film and television, mixing and mastering, game audio, studio recording and many other music and sound specialisms. 
The work produced by our students at Level 6 is reflective of the diversity of our department and demonstrates the wide range of talent on offer. 

The AMS Neve Ltd Prize: Niamh Murphy, BSc (Hons) Music Technology

The Calrec Audio Prize for Excellence in Audio Engineering: Robyn Hampson, BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering

The JAMES Prize: Emma Forster, BA (Hons) Music Production