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Cognition & Behaviour

Students in a classroom

Aims of the Programme

This programme supports research projects or ventures that are relevant to the understanding of Cognition and Behaviour, a vast research domain in the Life Sciences. Research support is awarded to a range of different studies and activities that can stem from either of the following empirical traditions.

  1. Basic research: The implications of which are generalizable to and/or the potential for application is far-reaching.
  2. Applied research: The implications of which are specific to a particular context and afford a depth of understanding therein.

Research expertise of members belonging to this programme include, but not limited to, the following domains:

  • attentional control
  • language acquisition
  • memory and neurorehabilitation
  • movement and embodied action
  • creativity and the imagination
  • information processing in addiction
  • social cognition
  • cognitive development

Scope of the Programme

The programme is fully aligned to the REF Strategy of Leeds Beckett University by supporting Research Outputs (by promoting early career research initiatives and short-term research projects) and contributing to the Research Environment (by promoting research culture and community). In doing so, the Programme feeds directly to the following REF Units.

  • Primary -> Unit 4: Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience
  • Secondary -> Unit 3: Allied Health Professions

Internal Seminar Series

We also run an internal seminar series which hosts monthly seminars, advertised university wide.  These provide opportunities for members (new & experienced) to showcase their work as well as getting updates about CeASR and peer feedback from a cross-disciplinary audience.

Applications for Funding

To apply for funding please use the Application Form, guidelines are provided on the front page. Please submit your application by email to the Programme Lead by the 15th of each month.

Examples of Funded Projects since 2015/2016

  • Funds for Conducting a Research Study
    Project Topic: Substance involved Sexual Activity
    (PI: Zoe Kolokotroni & Tamara Turner-Moore)
    - Coding of data Project Topic: Memory & Prospection Study
    (PI: Kata Pauly-Takacs)
    - Incentives for participants
  • Funds for Research Relevant Materials
    Purpose: An Assortment of Software to Evaluate Maths Skills
    (PI: Eleanor Willard)
    - Assess number sense & dyscalculia
    Purpose: Presentation Software
    (for all research members)
    - Experiment delivery software
  • Funds for Conducting a Research Event

    Creativity: A Multidimensional Approach
    (Chair: Anna Abraham)
    - Collaboration building conference
    Yorkshire Memory Conference
    (Chair: Kata Pauly-Takacs)
    - Highly prestigious regional event

  • Funds for Inviting External Speakers

    Emily Nagoski
    (NYT Bestselling author)
    Darya Zabelina
    (Northwestern, U Plymouth, U Colorado Boulder)

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