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Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations

Research in Politics and International Relations

The research interests within the Politics and International Relations Group are varied and engage with a number of key challenges facing the world today, including climate change, poverty and inequality, changing trade regimes, building peace and resolving conflict. Our research is interdisciplinary in nature and aligned to our philosophy of applying intellectual rigour to real world problems, with the aim of promoting progressive social change. This underpins our commitment to ensuring our research informs our curriculum and is actively engaged with by our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, the public and other key stakeholders.

The key themes of our research are listed below. We welcome enquiries from potential PhD and MRes students in these areas. For more information please contact Dr Rachel Julian -

  • Political theory and ethics
  • International institutions and global governance
  • International political economy
  • Peace movements and conflict resolution
  • Development, trade and microfinance
  • Inequality and human rights
  • British Politics and Political Leadership 
  • Gender and Peacekeeping
  • Financial regulation
  • Migration, culture and the experience of refugees
  • Environmental change, security and social impacts
Politics and Global Ethics

Staff personal pages:

You can find out more about the research interests and publications of individual member of the Politics and International Relations Group by clicking on their staff web pages below:

Research in Politics and International Relations contributes to the broader social research agenda within the University-wide Centre for Applied Social Research (CeASR). CeASR leads interdisciplinary research across the social sciences at Leeds Beckett and is led by Dr Rachel Julian. Predominantly research in Politics and International Relations sits within CeASR’s Global Inequalities Programme and its Peace Programme.

Current PhD Students

  • Musuliu Okesina – Microfinance in Nigeria
Recently completed PhD Students
  • Priyan Seneviratne - Impact of commercialisation on NGOs
  • Sureyya Sonmez Efe - Migrant workers, labour rights and human rights in Turkey
  • Moses Okech - Impact of microfinance on women in Uganda
  • David Robertshaw - Impact of youth contract employment subsidies
  • Winifred Bedigen - Indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms in Sudan
  • Adewale Aderemi - Political economy of oil policy & development in Nigeria & Indonesia
  • Ayeray Medina Bustos – Memory, truth and justice: A study of reconciliation in Argentina.
  • Craig Brown - Politics of non-violence in the Arab Spring

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