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Roll with it

Getting started with a good research question is a challenge in itself! “Roll with it” is a research methods game for groups of students to get ideas rolling for undergraduate dissertations and to learn to formulate good research questions. Rolling the dice to create a constellation of question, topic and method, students have to formulate three research questions that are doable for their level of study and adhere to an internal cohesion. Part of the groups’ discussion should consider whether the question is answerable through that method, whether the question has merit, and what possible ethical and practical issues may arise in pursuing the question. They then have to present their discussion to the class including a reflection on the construction of good research questions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Stimulate ideas for possible research questions appropriate for undergraduate dissertations
  • Learn how to formulate good research questions
  • Develop an understanding of the problems that arise in planning empirical research

The students involved in the project were a mixture of final and second year student who collectively worked on designing games that will assist other students to develop good research questions and topics by thinking through and overcoming ethical and methodological obstacles often encountered in undergraduate research.

Roll with it being played

The game has been played at UK, Swiss, Spanish and Bolivian universities over the past few years and can be purchased by contacting Dr Natalia Gerodetti.

Roll with it
Roll with it boardgame
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