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University Challenges

‘University Challenges’ is an interactive, competitive and collaborative board game in which students attempt to accumulate credits by moving around a board and be the first to pass the year, thereby winning. In an attempt to reflect the transition for students into a Higher Education learning environment, the topics not only include Academic issues, but also Health & Wellbeing, Accommodation, Finance, Social Aspects and General Knowledge. Each of the six topics is represented by a card that can range from luck cards and multiple choice cards, to answer cards and debate cards. Each of these are designed to create debate and then consensus within the team, who must then present their answer to the game facilitator, who will award credit points based on quality of answers. Equally significant, the game allows students to become accustomed to aspects of student life through a mixture of components, which intend to increase their knowledge and strengthen collaboration and social connections amongst first-year students.

Roll with it

The game can be purchased. Please contact Dr Natalia Gerodetti.

University challenges
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