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Leeds Sustainability Institute

Chris Gorse, Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett, provided evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment’s Inquiry into the Quality of New Build Housing.

House of Commons Inquiry

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Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society

SEEDS Conference 2019

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Leeds Sustainability Institute

Enabling Sustainability 

Creating more sustainable places, communities and economies.

With research expertise developed over two decades, the research teams have achieved significant recognition. The Institute's consultancy and business services are making a significant impact, and through established networks, provide a knowledge base that has clear benefit to its partners.

Work undertaken in social policy, low carbon building, materials, green computing, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure places the Institute in a lead position, shaping the developed and developing world. The Institute’s field trials and work with communities are having a direct impact on the policy and regulation that will pave the way to a low carbon built environment.

The practices developed are being adopted across Europe and impacting on the way we test and monitor buildings to ensure performance. Feedback from the research has resulted in new industry standards, taking a step closer to the zero carbon and low impact solution.

Leeds Sustainability Institute Launch

The Leeds Sustainability Institute will tackle the challenges of creating more sustainable places, communities and economies to enable society and its infrastructure to become sustainable.
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Drivers don’t see the need to wear glasses while driving, research finds

Drivers do not feel the need to wear their glasses when behind the wheel, new research by Leeds Beckett University has found. 

Future of home insulation to be transformed following research project

The way in which homes are insulated could be transformed following research by Leeds Beckett academics.

Leeds Beckett academic's drive to improve road safety

A Leeds Beckett academic has published an award-winning guide for road safety experts on ways they can intervene in bad driving habits and improve road safety.

Upcoming Events

Mar 27

carnegieXchange - Narratives and marginalised voices: Storying the sport and physical education experiences of care experienced youth

carnegieXchange Seminar Existing research has failed to provide an opportunity for the stories of care-experienced youth to be heard, especially with regard to their perspectives on sport and physical education, and so our understanding of their experiences is limited.

Mar 27

Lunchtime Lectures: Architecture Competition as a Pedagogic Tool in Architecture Education

Senior Lecturer Simon Warren and the winners of the Better Philadelphia Challenge 2019, MArch students Joseph Earley, Graham Davey, Jade Moore & Michele Prendini, will be reflecting on their win and the role of competition in architecture education.

Mar 27

Yorkshire Sculpture International-INSIDE/OUT: Nobuko Tsuchiya in conversation with Sarah Brown

Nobuko Tsuchiya will be in conversation with Sarah Brown as part of this series brought to you in partnership with Yorkshire Sculpture International, aiming to celebrate sculpture in all its forms.

Apr 1

carnegieXchange - Spending time with coaches in situ: what we can learn about coaching, and researching coaching, from ethnographic case study research.

There is growing recognition that understanding the complexity and difficulty of sport coaching does not lend itself to overly simplified or reductive research approaches e.g. quantified observational and self-report questionnaires, or indeed, one off qualitative interviews – although these methods have their place for particular research tasks.

Apr 3

Look who's talking - language and literature in a world of data

The seventh event in the Leeds Cultural Conversation series 2018/19.

Apr 3

Lunchtime Lectures: Simulation & Materialisation through Procedural Methodologies

Senior Lecturer in Architecture Keith Andrews about design studio Abstract Machine. The talk details Abstract Machine’s installation work; through, modelling, simulating and manufacture, culminating with the Greatham Creek seal and bird hides.

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