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Retail Energy Management System

Identifying energy efficiency improvements in supermarkets

Energy use and management in supermarkets represents a challenge as well as an opportunity. Improvements have the potential to benefit companies and consumers, and to contribute to the achievement of UK carbon reduction targets. This research project has the aim of improving energy efficiency in supermarkets using data visualisation tools. Funding was provided by Innovate and partners were; ASDA, who provided the data and case studies, Cybula, who developed the software, REMS and the Leeds Sustainability Institute (LSI), based at Leeds Beckett University. The project identified that It is recommended that visualisation tools should only be used in stores where there is high confidence around the quality and quantity of available data and a data capture pro forma has been develop to inform this. Shop floor area is conventionally the preferred method of normalising energy data to rank store performance. This was found to be acceptable and other minor variables were discovered to be relatively unimportant. However, using volume to normalise gas and HVAC energy use; and using chilled floor area when normalising refrigeration energy provided the best normalisation. Two approaches were used to predict a store’s ‘normal’ performance. The first simply used data to determine the mathematical correlation between energy use and energy demand. This produced a somewhat useful model for gas use and refrigeration energy use that could be incorporated into a visualisation tool, though HVAC energy use displayed much weaker correlation. The second approach used calibrated simplified dynamic simulation models to create baseline models of stores to compare stores as well assessing changes in energy caused by varying inputs such as same ceiling heights.

Research outputs

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