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CCC Carbon Control and Comfort

Investigating the efficiency of Ground Source Heat Pumps

A collaborative 3-year research project funded by EPSRC in partnership with E.ON. The academic partners were: UCL (lead partners), Leeds Metropolitan University, Loughborough University, De Montford University, Kings College London, Cardiff University and the University of Greenwich. CCC uses the methodology of Action Research to engage users in the design of control systems which will reduce energy use (and therefore carbon emissions) in dwellings, whilst retaining or enhancing levels of comfort for the occupants. The aim was to achieve a 20% reduction in energy use through working more effectively with existing technologies and building fabrics, via the development of control systems which are both convenient to use and appropriate to the needs of users with a variety of lifestyles. The control systems were designed and tested in a way that complies with utilities’ CERT-2 obligations, and the project also developed design, installation and maintenance guidelines which will enable a wider application of important principles identified.

Research Outputs

  • Production efficiency of hot water for domestic use, P.J.Boait D.Dixon D.Fan A.Stafford, Energy and Buildings 54, November 2012, Pages 160-168
  • Electrical Load Characteristics of Domestic Heat Pumps and Scope for Demand-Side Management. P. Boait and A. Stafford, Proceedings of CIRED 21st International Conference on Electricity Distribution. Frankfurt, June 2011.
  • Performance and Control of domestic ground-source heat pumps in retrofit installations. P.J. Boait, D. Fan and A. Stafford, Energy and Buildings 43 (2011) 1968–1976.
  • Long-term monitoring and performance of ground source heat pumps. A. Stafford: Buildings Research and Information, Vol 39, Issue 6, pp566-573, 2011.
  • Predicting In-situ Heat Pump Performance: An Investigation into a Single Ground-Source Heat Pump system in the context of 10 similar systems. A. Stafford and D. Lilley. Energy and Buildings
  • The Effects of Weather Conditions on Domestic Ground-Source Heat Pump Performance in the UK. A Stafford. Accepted for SEB12 International Conference, September 2012, Stockholm
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