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Temple Avenue Project

BPE of Prototype Low Carbon Dwellings

The Temple Avenue Project, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, outlines the initial evaluation of the design, construction and performance of two prototype low carbon dwellings and helps establish the extent to which an existing 1930s masonry house can be renovated so as to achieve a level of performance commensurate with the advanced energy and carbon standard of the prototype new dwellings. The two prototype dwellings contained some technological innovation and were constructed between July and December 2009. One prototype was constructed using thin-joint masonry construction and another using a structural insulated panel (SIPs) build system. The concurrent renovation works to an adjacent existing dwelling explored the impact of two standards of renovation, one reflecting the standard fabric measures that are currently considered to be cost effective and one reflecting the more challenging requirements of an 80% emissions reduction and incurring greater capital costs.

Research outputs

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