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York Energy Demonstration Project

Early investigations into the effectiveness of retrofits

In the early to mid 1990s the UK government funded a series of demonstration projects in local authority housing designed to implement a wide range of energy saving measures which could be incorporated into modernisation programmes. This programme (the Greenhouse Programme) ran from 1991 to 1994 and funded some 183 schemes (over 50,000 dwellings) of which the York project was one. In common with many energy demonstration projects, the York Project had two main aims. The first was to confirm that the application of readily available technology could deliver significant energy benefits within the context of a routine local authority housing modernisation programme. The second was to extract lessons for the operation of future energy conscious modernisation schemes.

The project consisted of three schemes, which were carried out in the early to mid 90s and monitored over a two year period. Results indicate that modernisation schemes have a very important part to play in reducing CO2 emissions and that improvements in the region of 50% can be achieved at modest cost using well proven (early 1980’s) technology. The possibility of additional improvements are also identified which could see emissions fall by a further 30% to 40%.

Research Outputs

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