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DECC Core cities Green Deal monitoring project – Leeds

City wide retrofit evaluations

Leeds was designated a core city for trialling the Government’s Green Deal domestic energy efficiency policy. Leeds Beckett University undertook a monitoring and testing program on 65 dwellings to investigate the effectiveness of the insulation measures installed and to understand any underperformance. This report outlines the findings from a series of investigations including; surveys, air tightness tests, co heating tests, in situ U-value tests, hygrothermal and thermal bridging modelling, in use monitoring and occupant interviews. The surveys revealed that the ‘whole house approach’ to retrofit was, more often, missing, and quality assurance around insulation detailing was regularly absent, leading to avoidable errors and potentially embedding problems in the installations. Furthermore, moisture issues were, in the majority of instances, over-looked or made worse despite over half the sample having some form of damp. Despite this, energy savings were observed and the appearance of the dwellings were improved, thus apparent satisfaction was generally high, even though the installs were imperfect and moisture problems were introduced.

Research Outputs

  • Gorse, C.A.,& Glew, D., Johnston, D., Fylan, F., Miles-Shenton, D., Smith, M., Brooke-Peat, M., Farmer, D., Stafford, A., Fletcher, M. and Thomas, F. (2017) Core cities Green Deal monitoring project – Leeds, 2017, Department of Energy and Climate Change, available at

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