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7 Things You Didn't Know About Leeds

Leeds is full of surprises, and here’s seven things you probably didn’t know, but are glad you do now.

1. Leeds is home to the UK's last gas lit cinema

Hyde Park Picture House is a perfect example of what cinemas used to be like. The historic building is the last surviving gas lit cinema in the UK and also retains many of its other original features like the external ticket booth and ornate balcony. Showing indie films galore, it’s a mecca for the city’s film lovers.

Hyde Park Picture House

2. Leeds attracts more visitors than Brighton

Leeds has become a real tourism hot spot in recent years, and now attracts more summer visitors that traditional British holiday destinations like Torquay and Brighton.

3. Leeds is home to the longest running West Indian carnival in Europe

Leeds West Indian Carnival has been running since 1967, making it the longest running West Indian Carnival in Europe. Every August, the streets of Chapel Town (the Leeds suburb where it's held) fill up with people who come out in force to watch the stunning parade, before the party continues back at Chapel Town Park.

Woman smiling at carnival

4. Leeds is the UK's only provincial city to have its own opera, ballet and theatre companies

The city’s art scene is massive, and as well as Northern Ballet, Opera North and the West Yorkshire Playhouse, there’s also an amazing art gallery and loads of brilliantly varied music venues across the city.

5. Leeds Arena was designed so every seat has a perfect line of sight to the stage

It’s one of the UK’s only arenas where you get a perfect view no matter where you sit, and we can confirm it’s true. Even from the left-hand side of the back row, you can see the stage perfectly, making it the place to see big artists and shows without worrying about straining your neck.

6. Leeds has an annual shopping lock-in event for students

Every September, Trinity holds The Trinity Leeds Student Night, a lock-in style shopping event where the city’s student population takes over the entire shopping centre. With over 80 brands taking part, up to 50% off and lots of free stuff, it’s one not to be missed.


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7. Leeds is the best city in Britain for quality of life 

Leeds has been named as the best city in Britain for quality of life, beating the likes of London, Manchester and Edinburgh. We’ve always known it, but it’s great it’s now ‘official’.

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