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Dr Andy Pringle

Dr Andy Pringle
Contact Details
Dr Andy Pringle


Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 27409 A.Pringle@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Andy Pringle

Andy Pringle is a Reader in Physical Activity and Public Health and is the Research and Enterprise Lead for Physical Activity. He performs teaching and research into the effectiveness of physical activity and health interventions with adults and older adults. He was previously a Senior Health Promotion Specialist working in Primary care and Community settings. he makes a contribution to physical activity policy and practice through a number of international organisations and projects with a responsibility for public health and physical activity.

Andy led the £3.2 m National Evaluation of the Department of Health’s Local Exercise Action Pilots, and the £1.6m Premier League Men’s Health project, a National Evaluation of Men's Health interventions in 16 Premier League football clubs. He also led a team of colleagues auditing the impact of football-led health improvement schemes in football community trusts. He is involved in researching the impact of health improvement interventions in Spanish Football Clubs and mental health interventions in football community trusts. He has also been involved in the evaluation of a range of physical activity interventions across the UK.

Andy supports a number of colleagues in conducting their own research investigating the impact of physical activity interventions.

Current Teaching

  • Level 7: Public Health Intervention and Evaluation
  • PhD Supervision: (Current Students)
    • Katie Pickering: The effectiveness of the NHS Couch to 5K App.
    • James Jagroo: Development of a framework for physical activity promotion through exercise referral schemes.
    • Kathryn Brook: The effectiveness of physical activity interventions for ‘hard-to-reach women.
    • Alison Morby: Developing guidance for sedentary behaviour and increasing physical activity in people with dementia.
    • Rachel Fox: Stimulating and increasing physical activity in people in the last stages of dementia, vs. slowing the course of the disease.
    • Stephen Zwolinsky: Physical activity and health intervention: Inferences and implications for participants, practitioners

Research Interests

Andy has made a sustained and significant contribution to physical activity policy and practice at national and international levels. Recently been appointed to the Review of the Chief Medical Officers Physical Activity Recommendations. During 2018, he will be working on one of the six Expert Working Groups in the area of Implementation and Surveillance, alongside international experts in the field as part of the eight strong team.

Andy is also 'Topic Expert' (physical activity) on the Public Health Advisory Committee of NICE on Exercise Referral. He has recently taken up a three year appointment as an ' Expert Advisor' to the NICE Centre for Guidelines. This role involves: Giving advice – for example on the impact of new evidence in relation to updating the NICE guidance; Participating in committees as a topic specialist member; and, Performing peer reviews – for example reviewing a component of the guideline such as an evidence review. Andy has contributed to NICE topic selection workshops, including Sedentary Behaviour, Physical Activity following the Diagnosis of Cancer and Physical Activity in the Workplace.

Andy is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and and has been trained on Intervention Mapping at the University of Maastricht. Andy has reviewed funding bids for a number of National funding bodies including Health and Care Research Wales and the Office for the Chief Scientist of Scotland, Mitacs (Canada), as well as number of major national charities that fund health research. Recent journal reviewing includes The Lancet, BMJ Open, BMC Public Health, Health Promotion International, Health Education Research, Public Health and Health Education. Andy has performed a wide range of service roles. He has been a Chair of the Faculty Research Ethics Committee and a member of the University Research Ethics Sub-Committee. He has extensive experience acting as a Local Research Ethics Coordinator.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (15)

  • Vishnubala D; Pringle AR; Zwolinsky S; Kime N (2018), The Role of Nurses in the Promotion of Physical Activity. Journal of General Practice Nursing
    View Repository Record
  • Kime NH; Pringle A; Rivett M; Robinson P (2018), Physical activity and exercise in adults with type 1 diabetes: understanding their needs using a person-centered approach.. Health Education Research, vol. 33 (5), p. 375-388.
    View Repository Record
  • Nobles JD; Griffiths C; Pringle A; Gately P (2017), Why Consistent Completion Criterion are Required in Childhood Weight Management Programmes. Public Health Journal
    View Repository Record
  • Brook K; Pringle AR; Hargreaves J; Kime N (2017), Promoting Physical Activity with Hard-to-Reach Women: An Iterative and Participatory Research Study. Perspectives in Public Health, vol. 137 (5)
    View Repository Record
  • Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Pringle A; Widdop P; Griffiths C; Mellis M; Rutherford Z; Collins P (2016), Physical activity and sedentary behaviour clustering: Segmentation to optimise active lifestyles. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, vol. 13 (9), p. 921-928.
    View Repository Record
  • Nobles JD; Griffiths C; Pringle A; Gately P (2016), Design Programmes to Maximise Participant Engagement: A Predictive Study of Programme and Participant Characteristics Associated with Engagement in Paediatric Weight Management. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, vol. 13:76
    View Repository Record
  • Curran K; Drust B; Murphy RC; Richardson DJ; Pringle AR (2016), The challenge and impact of engaging hard-to-reach populations in regular physical activity and health behaviors. An examination of an English Premier League Football in the Community Men's Health programme. Public Health, vol. 135
    View Repository Record
  • Pringle A; Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Brown P; Daly-Smith A (2014), Initial effects of a free swimming pilot programme on the physical activity levels of young people. Public Health, vol. 5
    View Repository Record
  • Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Pringle A; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; White A (2013), Optimizing lifestyles for men regarded as 'hard-to-reach' through top-flight football/soccer clubs.. Health Educ Res, vol. 28 (3), p. 405-413.
  • Pringle A; Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; White A (2013), Delivering men's health interventions in english premier league football clubs: Key design characteristics. Public Health, vol. 127 (8), p. 716-726.
  • Zwolinsky S; Pringle A; Daly-Smith A; McKenna J; Robertson S; White A (2012), Associations between daily sitting time and the combinations of lifestyle risk factors in men. Journal of Men's Health, vol. 9 (4), p. 261-267.
    View Repository Record
  • Pringle A; Zwolinsky S; Smith AJW; Robertson S; McKenna J; White A (2011), The pre-adoption demographic and health profiles of men participating in a programme of men's health delivered in English Premier League Football Clubs. Public Health, vol. 125 (7), p. 411-416.
  • Pringle A; Gilson N; Marsh K; McKenna J; Cooke CB (2010), Cost effectiveness of interventions to improve moderate physical-activity: A study in nine UK sites. Health Education Journal, vol. 69 (2), p. 211-224.
  • Gilson ND; Ainsworth B; Biddle S; Faulkner G; Murphy MH; Niven A; Pringle A; Puig-Ribera A; Stathi A; Umstattd MR (2009), A multi-site comparison of environmental characteristics to support workplace walking. Preventive Medicine, vol. 49 (1), p. 21-23.
  • Gilson N; Brown WJ; Faulkner G; McKenna J; Murphy M; Pringle A; Proper K; Puig-Ribera A; Stathi A (2009), The International Universities Walking Project: Development of a Framework for Workplace Intervention Using the Delphi Technique. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, vol. 6 (4), p. 520-528.
    View Repository Record

Books (1)

  • Pringle A; Parnell D (2017) Football and Health Improvement: An Emergent Field (Part of the Sport in the Global Society - Contemporary Perspectives).. Sport in the Global Society - Contemporary Perspectives . London: Taylor and Francis.

Chapters (4)

  • Pringle AR; Feavers J; Zwolinsky S (2019) Reaching Hard-to Reach/Engage Groups with Physical Activity and Exercise Referral Interventions. In: Pringle AR; Feavers J; Zwolinsky S EXERCISE MANAGEMENT FOR REFERRED MEDICAL CONDITIONS. London: Routledge, pp. .
  • Pringle AR; Zwolinsky S (2018) Older People, Physical Activity and Public Health. In: Pringle AR; Zwolinsky S Sport and Health: Exploring the Current State of Play. London: Routledge, pp. .
  • Pringle AR; McKenna J; Zwolinsky S (2017) Linking Physical Activity & Health Evaluation to Policy: Lessons from UK Evaluations. In: Pringle AR; McKenna J; Zwolinsky S The Routledge Handbook of Physical Activity Policy and Practice. London: Routledge, pp. 425-440.
    View Repository Record
  • Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Pringle A (2016) How can the health system benefit from increasing participation in sport, exercise and physical activity?. In: Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Pringle A Sports-Based Health Interventions: Case studies from Around the World. London: Springer, pp. .

Conference contributions (2)

  • Mutrie N; Standage M; Pringle AR; Smith L; Strain T; Kelly P; Dall P; Milton K; Chalkley A; Colledge N (2018) UK physical activity guidelines: Developing options for future communication and surveillance Edinburgh 20180620. : .
    View Repository Record
  • Pringle AR; Zwolinsky S (2017) Investigating Key Implementation Factors for Engaging Men in Health Interventions in English Premier League Football Clubs using Delphi Poll/Card Sort Techniques Victoria Canada 20170607. : .
    View Repository Record

Reports (3)

  • National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, (2014) (2014) NICE Public Health Guidance 54: Exercise referral schemes to promote physical activity. . NICE.
    View Repository Record
  • White A; Zwolinsky S; Pringle A; McKenna J; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; Berry R (2012) Premier League Health: A national programme of men's health promotion delivered in/by professional football clubs: Final Report. . Centre for Men's Health & Centre for Active Lifestyles, Leeds Metropolitan University: Football Foundation.
  • Pringle AR; McKenna J; Cooke, C; Gilson N (2007) National evaluation of LEAP: A final report on the Local Exercise Action Pilots. . London: Department of Health.
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