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Gaspard Pelurson

About Gaspard Pelurson

Gaspard Pelurson joined the School of Cultural Studies at Leeds Beckett University in January 2019.

Gaspard has been living in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He first obtained his BA in English Studies at the University of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle (Paris III). He completed a Masters in English Literature at the University of Cambridge in 2012 and an MA in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex in 2013. While working as a Doctoral Tutor and a Research Associate at Sussex, he received his doctorate in Media and Cultural Studies in 2018.

Current Teaching

  • Challenging Gaming Culture
  • Researching Television
  • Cinematic Identities: Gender, Class and Race
  • Research Methods
  • Cultural Studies

Research Interests

Gaspard’s primary research interests are located at the intersection of queer and game studies. His work mainly draws upon cultural theory, game studies, gender studies and queer theory. Gaspard approaches games as polysemous texts, which are both sites of contention and critical thinking. He is particularly interested in alternative and ‘deviant’ gaming experiences and has published in Convergence, Game Studies and various gaming encyclopaedias. 

Selected Publications

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