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Dr Theocharis Ispoglou

About Dr Theocharis Ispoglou

Theocharis first joined the University to complete an MSc award. For the period 2001-2005, apart from working on his PhD, Theocharis was employed as part-time lecturer, research and technical support assistant. Since 2005, Theocharis has been employed as full-time academic. He has 15 years of teaching experience in Higher Education, 11 of which are in full time employment. Theocharis has led successfully the periodic review of the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science course and since 2005 has been a key member of course development teams that successfully reviewed both MSc and undergraduate courses. His input has been significant in particular leading and assisting staff to develop new courses, modules, learning outcomes and marking criteria.

Since 2007 apart from course leader, Theocharis has also acted as level leader, and has been a member of the University’s Assessment, Learning and Teaching committee. Currently, one of his roles is maintenance of Quality Assurance Standards in the Carnegie Faculty. He have experience as Internal Examiner for PhD Oral examinations and Chairing of University and Faculty Examination and Exam Board Committees.

Current Teaching

Theocharis has extensive experience teaching at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Indicative modules he leads or has previously led include: Physiology & Biochemistry for Performance (MSc) and Nutritional Manipulation & Ergogenic Aids (L6). Currently, apart from leading two of the largest MSc modules in the Faculty, teaching at undergraduate levels, and supervising a large number of PhD students, he is also acting as the co-ordinator for the MSc Major Independent Study module (80 students) which is offered across six subject areas.

Research Interests

Theocharis has a special interest on the effects of nutritional interventions and exercise training/physical activity on health and sports performance for both sporting and non-sporting populations. His key research areas and interests can be categorised into four broad areas outlined below:

  • Active and Healthy Ageing
  • Nutritional and ergogenic practices
  • Resistance training and its effect on body composition and performance
  • Optimum warm-up stretching protocols

Of the four areas outlined above, “Active and Healthy Ageing” is his priority.

Over the past 4 years, Theocharis has followed a systematic strategic approach to achieve his key research objectives that include:

  1. return to REF of a number of high impact journal articles
  2. development and patentability of nutritional prototypes
  3. research trials to test the effectiveness of these prototypes in clinical and non-clinical populations
  4. commercial exploitation and collaborations, and
  5. creation of a vibrant research team that will move our research and health agenda forward.

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