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Meri Nasilyan
Contact Details
Meri Nasilyan

Online Learning Tutor

Carnegie School Of Education

0113 81 27198 M.Nasilyan@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Meri Nasilyan

Meri Nasilyan is an Online Learning Tutor for PGCE. Her research interests are in educational technologies, HE leadership/policy and ranking, learners’ identity online, academic writing. Professional tenure in sectors of higher education, research, e-marketing and education consultancy.

Meri’s current work involves supporting students on distance learning courses in their academic and e-learning skills development. She is particularly interested in online virtual communities, e-learning and e-teaching. To this end, she is currently engaged on a curriculum development project to incorporate new e-learning tools and create academic skills workshops and tutorials for new distance learners.

Meri is the founder of an Environmental Education School Curriculum 2012 in Georgia, region of Adjara introducing environmental education in 4 local schools and their policy and curriculum.

She is also the recipient of Aster Excellence Award for her Dissertation from University of Manchester for her research study on international students experiences with Academic Writing.

Current Teaching

  • Distance Learning PGCE

Research Interests

Meri's research interests are in the areas of virtual communities, mainly focusing on learners' identity in online versus offline academic contexts/classrooms. She has conducted research at University of Oxford, examining postgraduate students' perceptions on virtual communities in social media (Twitter, Facebook) and their identity transformations. Meri has also conducted studies on academic writing and its' importance to international students based on the arbitrary and contrary viewpoints on the topic. She has also presented at international conferences on this topic. At Carnegie School of Education, Meri intends to look into new ways of implementing technologies for distance learning and finding ways to make the experience more technology friendly.

Selected Publications

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