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National Student Money Week 2018


National Student Money Week (12-16 February) is upon us and we’re coming at you with more amazing money saving tips and tricks that will leave your bank card happy. All week we are hosting different events and fun games to show you how you can get more for your money during these crucial uni years, when every penny counts towards socialising and making memories.

Tuesday 13 February – Rose Bowl Atrium 11:00-15:00
Thursday 15 February – Headingley Hub 11:00-15:00
Friday 16 February – Gaia Café 11:00-15:00

Police: Safety at home
You can never be too careful in your home and the Police will be on hand to offer you advice with looking after your possessions as well as maintaining the fixtures and fittings of your house. Tuesday (CC).

Finding cheap accommodation
Leeds is a big place and there are loads of nice areas to live in but you want the best option for your budget. Unipol have some amazing properties and can help to find something affordable.  Tuesday (CC).

The renting game
It’s the dreaded word but generally after your first year you might look to rent and it can definitely be a minefield. There are things to look for and ways to save money on bills - plus we have a Donald Trump style game ‘Fancy a Covfefe’ just to lighten the mood in-between all the rent chat. Tuesday (CC), Thursday (HC), Friday (CC).

Gambling woes
Gambling can be a fun way to spend a bit of extra cash but it’s important to manage this and consider how often you make your way to the slots. We have some stats about gambling to share and a game for you to join in with.  Tuesday (CC), Thursday (HC), Friday (CC).

Bills, bills, bills
In the words of Destiny’s Child we all have bills to pay and some of them don’t seem as important as others. But trust us when we say that BBC IPlayer notifying you of your TV licence is no joke. The TV licencing team will be there to explain how you can set up the bill- which can come out quarterly or yearly, softening the blow somewhat.  Friday (CC). 

Job Shop
The easiest way to save money is by getting a job and topping up the bank accounts.  Luckily we have a Job Shop on campus where you can find part-time work, if you need something alongside your studies or full-time opportunities that will set you up for once you graduate. Pay them a visit on Friday (CC).



The SU Advice Service team will also be around all week with different activities including:

  • Advice Service and Volunteering at the SU Pop-Up Space on Thursday  15 Feb from 11:00-14:00 (City Campus, outside the Bar/Stage) 
  • The Thrift Shop will be open where you can get your hands on some bargains, from clothing to homeware, it’s all sold at ridiculously low prices.
  • The team will be handing out cooking guides so you can make cheap and easy meals!
  • Enactus (Society) will be there as part of their Eco Soup project where you can buy delicious soup. It's pay-as-you-feel.

As always you can contact our Student Money Advice Team who can advise and guide you if you have any money worries or wish to apply for funding that is available to you. 

Ring them on 0113 812 6701, 10:00 -12:00, Mon - Fri.

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