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Staff and students perform at bid launch


Talented Leeds Beckett staff and students performed at the official Leeds 2023 bid submission celebration on Friday evening.

Big Send off

Leeds Music All Stars and Cat Una performed on the main stage and number of other staff and students also performed at the #BigSendOff event including Jack Kelly.

Jack Kelly

Leeds Beckett Entertainment Management and Programming students helped out behind the scenes with production scheduling, artist liaison and events assistance gaining valuable employability skills and experience.

Tom and Bella, The Still Lifes - Musical Statues also performed throughout the evening. The Still Lifes are a pair of living statues with a penchant for playing tunes and they have the following to say about their performance:

“Drop some pennies in our tin and you’ll be regaled with an off the wall rendition of George Formby’s ‘Leaning on the Lamppost'.

“Come too close, you’re likely to be warned off by a territorial bronze rat poking its head out from beneath an equally bronze skirt. Show too much interest, and with a slight wink you’re not sure if you imagined, you might find yourself seduced.

“The street is our stage. Clown is at the heart of our act, the audience is at the core of clown; our Raison d’être. The audience brings us alive. We aim to please, to disturb and to stir laughter amongst everyone who passes, by, Mr & Mrs Boring Bastard and the Dog asleep on the street.

“We give the same energetic reaction to those who give a penny and those who give a fiver. We accept payment of chocolate, party rings or any other imaginative acts of giving.

“In response to the insatiable curiosity people seem to have about the life of a living statue, we recently developed a spin-off of this act, our show ‘The Truth About The Still Lives’ in which our statue characters partake in a live interview Q&A session about their chosen profession the inevitable fame it brings.”

Their next gig, unveiling a plaque dedicated to French inventor Louis Le Prince will include an unconventional rendition of the Marseillaise and various other surprises.

Here are some pictures from their performance.

living statue two

Statue one

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