Undertaking an undergraduate degree in Social Care and having placements within the education sector made me realise my passion for teaching. 

The PGCE option was a perfect opportunity for me as I have always wanted to be in profession where you can make a genuine impact on a child’s future. The difference a teacher can make in a student’s life whether this is academically, socially or personally is what appeals to me. Despite being from Manchester, I applied to Leeds Beckett University to do my PGCE due to the reputation of the university and the success rate of employability. The first couple of weeks prior the first placement were really effective, as this included training in areas within teaching practice and starting the first master’s assignment. The master’s assignments are useful as they help understand the research aspect of teaching.

My first placement was different to what I expected as it was hard managing both planning and teaching. Initially, I was unable to balance my social and work life. However, upon returning to university, I was grateful for the support I received from my tutor. I completed my action plan for my second placement and developed key areas to improve like behaviour management. I received full support from the university and was given behaviour management strategies to help me in my next placement. For my second placement, I ensured that I acted upon feedback given to me and due to my resilience and determination, I was able to enjoy my placement as well as improve on those key areas. My behaviour management improved greatly and I was praised for developing my own strategies, as well as implementing my tutor’s strategies. Due to the support I received from the university, I was finally able to enjoy teaching! Having successfully completed my course I am excited to be an NQT.