Hello fellow trainee teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers,

It’s safe to say if you’re reading this- well done for all your achievements on the course and good luck for entering the wonderful world of teaching! I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon the usefulness of the NQT transition folder and how this can be used to aid progression and survival throughout the first year of teaching.

After completing the NQT transition folder I believe this helped me to reflect on how I have met the Teachers’ Standards during my training, as well as informing targets and areas of further development for the induction year. I believe the folder will be a highly useful resource to use in the initial year as we have all created an action plan on how to address areas of development and planned ways of achieving this to demonstrate outstanding practice. For this reason, careful preparation, goal setting and an ambition to better ones teaching will result in great successes for you, your school and most importantly, the children!

Upon completing the transition file, I found the whole process emphasised my traits as a reflective practitioner and really encouraged thinking at great depth to highlight the successes and achievements we have all experienced during teaching practices. I found creating the folder to be a great way of crediting the successes we all worked so hard to achieve by listing strengths of each individual standard, which the Placement Standard Assessment Booklet aided brilliantly.

For my NQT year I now feel more than prepared to enter school with identified targets to further develop my teaching and have professional conversations with my mentor to receive any support in fulfilling targets to become the best possible teacher to benefit the children within my class. I hope that you believe the file will be as useful as I do. Good luck everyone, please remember to remain reflective throughout the teaching career. Wishing you all every success!