Hi NQT’s and ITT students! Well done on getting this far in the rewarding yet challenging career of teaching!

Doing my PGCE in Secondary Education with PE at Leeds Beckett is by far the best decision I have ever made. My passion for sport and education, along with the unrivalled support from the School of Education has helped me to develop both professionally as a PE teacher and personally as a human. The support and encouragement from the staff at Leeds Beckett has been second to none and I wouldn’t be in the fortunate position I am in now if it was not for them. Guys, my best piece of advice- LISTEN TO EVERY PIECE OF ADVICE THAT IS GIVEN! These people are experts in their field and their experience is invaluable.

From hour long chats in offices to online worksheets and support, this department and their resources have made my NQT year all the more easier in terms of organisation and preparation. In particular the NQT documents (Target plans, transition documents etc..) helped me reflect upon the success of my ITT year and allowed me to gain confidence that was pivotal to my success in my current NQT year.

Of course observations by tutors, mentors etc are brilliant and the feedback given is of high importance to the passing of your teacher training. But being able to physically see your accomplishments and progress on the NQT documents such as the evidence log and transition sheets really opens up your understanding of how far you have developed as an educator. Furthermore, the use of an action plan helps you to set targets that are required for your first year of training and observations.

My NQT mentor often uses my NQT folder and documents as points of referral in observation feedback and meetings. He has commented on how useful he found the target plans when creating weekly targets for my observations. Additionally, other members of staff have commented on my NQT folder and how they wish they would have had something so useful in their first year to help navigate progress and teaching standards. This has definitely helped me to stand out amongst previous NQT’s at my school and I am in a good position leading into my RQT year. So use the documents wisely and keep a log of everything done! It’s all important!

Good Luck with everything and remember to stay progressive, this is the most rewarding job in the world when done with positivity and a love of education!