When starting my NQT year we had been warned about how it would take up more time than our training year. This made me really debate completing the NQT module. However, I am so happy I chose to go through with it.

The module is set up in a way that is easy to access, tutors are always on hand to email if needed, there is complete understanding of how busy school life can be and as such deadlines are set at appropriate times which includes plenty of time to work on the module.

The NQT module started with our induction day which provided a route map of where we would start and what was expected of us along the way and ultimately where we would finish. When I approach my head teacher about this module he was more than supportive and offered to fund the module a part of CPD as well as giving me time of to visit the university, present and attend additional sessions. The distance learning element of the module is ideal and works perfectly around my schedule.

Our discussion forum which was set up by the module leader was a useful tool, not only did it contribute towards the overall module grade but it also gave excellent examples of the different experiences teachers have had and different ideas around teaching. Focusing on the teaching standards for a year and really looking at them in depth provided myself with addition appreciation and deeper understanding of what it is OFSTED wish to see from teachers. I was able to develop my pedagogy and approach to teaching to better educated my pupils by incorporating the teaching standards more effectively thanks to this module.

The support that was on offer from Leeds Beckett University as always was exceptional. Quick responses when I had questions on the modules, consistently good feedback, amazing tutors and what was required was explained clearly and concisely. The school I was in as mentioned offered to pay and also were extremely happy for me to use the school as a data collection point. A school that is always looking to improve will always want you to be chasing down opportunities like this module to show you are someone who looks to improve themselves and their teaching. I am now about to start my RQT year (2nd year of teaching) and I have been made head of PE. I have no doubt that this module contributed to my success in gaining this position.

For any aspiring NQTs, what I would say is that you are the new generation of teaching you have more up to date methodologies and ideologies about teaching. Don’t be afraid to offer new ideas, a strong school and strong department will always want to hear what you have to offer. The first year will be difficult but you are building skills, resources and lessons that will be your foundation for the rest of your teaching career, make these foundations exceptional with additional course and hard work and you will be an outstanding teacher.