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Adobe After Effects 101

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Thursday 10th - Friday 11th October 2019
09:30 – 17:00
Cloth Hall Court, City Campus, Leeds Beckett University
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Mike is a great, enthusiastic tutor. All the course materials were useful, he does a great job.

Attendee review, 6 August 2019

Adobe After Effects is an industry-standard tool for professionals working in 2D and 3D motion graphics, visual effects and compositing. It offers a powerful, flexible and affordable toolset to help you deliver creative motion content for film, video, web and mobile. 

This course provides an introduction to the essential tools, techniques and operation of After Effects and will equip you with the key skills to develop the motion graphics and video content you need. 

Topics will include an application overview, basic animation techniques, working with transparency and multi-layered video, applying and using basic effects, type animation, shape layers, working with nested and pre-composed compositions, and basic rendering.

Whether you already have some basic experience with After Effects or are an absolute beginner, this course will give you a strong foundation in the core of the application and an introduction to its many features, tools and effects.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create motion graphics and animation and render this as video in the format of your choice.
  • Understand the essential tools, techniques and workflow of After Effects.
  • Learn the main keyboard shortcuts to increase your efficiency.

Suitable for

This course is for you if:

  • You are working, or about to work, with video and would like to produce creative and memorable content that includes motion graphics, object animation, dynamic animated typography, visual effects or multi-layered (composited) video.
  • You are working with video and would like to expand your capabilities beyond the basic effects and animation tools in your editing software.
  • You would like to widen your skills and explore the creative possibilities of this industry-standard motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software.


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Additional dates

To keep you posted we will post upcoming additional dates for this course here. If you would like to enquire about future dates, please feel free to contact us.


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Course Outline

Plus Icon Welcome to After Effects
  • What is Affect Effects?
  • Project structure.
  • Interface and palettes.
  • Workspaces.
Plus Icon Basic Animation
  • A first After Effects project.
Plus Icon Keyframe Techniques
  • About keyframes.
  • Anchor point essentials.
  • Motion sketch.
  • Orient and blur.
  • Roving and hold.
  • The graph editor.
Plus Icon Layer control
  • Move, trim and slip.
  • Split and sequence.
  • Looping footage.
  • Image sequences.
  • Frame rate and time stretch.
  • Blending modes, effects and solids.
Plus Icon Effects overview
  • Finding and applying effects.
  • Effects animation and animation presets.
  • Adjustment layers.
  • Layer styles.
Plus Icon Working with transparency
  • Masks and mask animation.
  • Masking with the pen tool.
  • Alpha and luma mattes.
  • Multiple masks and modes.
  • Masks and paths for effects.
Plus Icon Type and type animation
  • Working with type.
  • Type on a path.
  • Basic type animation and presets.
Plus Icon Basic shape layers
  • Creating shapes layers.
  • Modifying and animating shape layers.
Plus Icon Parenting and nesting
  • Understanding parenting.
  • Introducing nesting and precomposing.
Plus Icon Rendering
  • Render settings and the render queue.
  • Rendering with Adobe Media Encoder.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • An overview of the After Effects workflow.
  • Project organisation and file management.
  • Essential keyframe animation techniques.
  • How to use anchor point, roving and hold keyframes and motion sketch.
  • An introduction to easing and the graph editor for animation refinement.
  • Layer management and basic layer editing.
  • Frame rate and time stretch options.
  • How to create and use solid layers, adjustment layers and blending modes.
  • How to find, apply, modify and animate effects.
  • Essential effects tour.
  • How to apply and use layer styles.
  • How to work with animation presets and Adobe Bridge.
  • How to work with masks.
  • How to use alpha and luma transparency mattes.
  • How to create and format type.
  • Animate text on a path.
  • The fundamentals of the text animation system.
  • How to use text animation presets.
  • How to create, modify and animate basic shape layers.
  • An understanding of parenting, nesting and precomposing.
  • How to render in After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder.

Attending the course

We are open from 09:00. 

Refreshments will be available and lunch will be provided.

All the materials you will need will be provided.

Training Facilities

We’re based in the centre of Leeds at Cloth Hall Court, and we have cutting-edge facilities including the Development Studio for desktop, web and mobile platforms. The studio draws on academics with extensive high-level industrial experience in advanced programming techniques and world-class creative digital content essential to success in the creative digital industries.

Trainer & Reviews

Mike Abbott

Mike Abbot

Mike is a highly experienced designer, visual creative and software trainer. In addition to his training work he runs his own studio focused on digital imagery for advertising and marketing communication, serving clients in the UK, Europe and USA.

He has a broad and deep skill set across design, photographic based imagery, 3D CGI, video and motion graphics. Mike has over 15 years’ experience as a trainer and is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects. He is also an Adobe Video Specialist.

Course Reviews

I would highly recommend this course and the venue, Mike is an excellent tutor!

Attendee review, 14 June 2019

Very good intro to After Effects, easy to follow and friendly tutor/staff.

Attendee review, 8 March 2019

Overall great experience. Very informative and a very knowledgeable tutor. 

Attendee review, 8 March 2019

Mike Abbott was amazing, very easy to understand, easy to follow and very helpful. 

Attendee review, 8 March 2019

Great facilities and an excellent course.

Attendee review, 15 February 2019

Really enjoyed it, just need to attend the 201 course now!

Attendee review, 15 February 2019

Very impressed!

Attendee review, 15 February 2019

Food was brilliant, facilities are really good. I learnt loads!

Attendee review, 15 February 2019

Had an amazing time on the After Effects 101 course learning Motion Graphics and Animation skills. Such a thorough and enjoyable couple of days, my mind is blown with the amount of possibilities the software gives and can't wait to get stuck in at work! Thank you Mike!

Attendee review, 17 August 2018

Another great course! Really helpful and good to get my head around the basics, without being overly complicated... Mike is a fantastic tutor.

Attendee review, 19 October 2018

Mike was fantastic, great chance to learn real workflows that make life easier. 

Attendee review, 17 August 2018

Mike was very approachable, patient and friendly.

Attendee review, 17 August 2018

Mike was clear, concise and very patient with all the class. Very knowledgeable with industry background. 

Attendee review, 12 July 2018

Very engaging and moved at a good pace that everyone seemed to manage. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! 

Attendee review, 12 July 2018

I've really enjoyed the course, it was thorough and very interesting, thanks!

Attendee review, 29 June 2018

Excellent course & tutor!

Attendee review, 4 May 2018

Mike was a great teacher. He explained everything clearly, including the theory behind things, which made it all make sense. Overall a great 2 day course, which I will definitely be back for others!

Attendee review, 04 May 2018

I have really enjoyed the course. Mike is a fantastic teacher. The facilities at NTI were great.

Attendee review, 04 May 2018

I really enjoyed the course, learn’t so much, brain overload. It was so detailed which was brilliant, it has given me so many ideas there is so much I can now apply in my job. 

Kelly Jennings, 23 February 2018

All of it was great, the course was very useful and i learnt so much!

Attendee review, 23 February 2018

Mike was brilliant, friendly and helpful!

Attendee review, 15 December 2017

The course was structured/assumed everybody would have the same basic knowledge (or lack of) but Mike didn't use language/treat anyone like they were complete simpletons which was nice.

Matt McGough, 27 October 2017

Had a really fun two days, I've always wanted to learn After Effects but was so intimidated. Mike made it very achievable and the course itself was very affordable. 

Attendee review, 8 September 2017

Very pleased with the course, building and friendly staff!

Aidan Rawnsley, 8 September 2017

Really good course, delivered by really knowledgeable course leader. 

Mike Kelly, 8 September 2017

Mike was a very good teacher, he was engaging and very knowledgeable. 

Dan Tulip, 27 June 2017

Mike has a fantastic way of teaching. He is approachable and creates a great learning environment for everyone no matter what level of knowledge you come in with.  

Attendee review, 27 June 2017

Challenging however Mike communicated the concepts in a clear, easy to understand way. He was knowledgeable and had an approachable manner. 

Attendee review, 7 April 2017

Really good , thanks very much - very pleased with what i learnt. 

Attendee review, 7 April 2017

Everything was fantastic!

Attendee review, 27 January 2017

I thought the course was fantastic and I’ll be recommending the NTI to any colleagues looking for training courses. 

Tiffany Mazza, 27 January 2017


Attendee review, 27January 2017

All excellent. Tutor was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and taught in an easy going manner.  

Richard Micallef , 28 October 2016

Great course and venue!

Attendee review, 28 October 2016

Fantastic course and fantastic tutor!

Attendee Review, 31 August 2016

I have found this course very useful and helpful and would consider NTI as a first choice if they cover the course subject.

Attendee Review, 31st August 2016

The facilities, course management & structure has been incredible - Mike has been a wonderful tutor and I would definitely recommend him & NTI

Tom Walters, 23 April 2016

The tutor was knowledgeable and presented the course very well.

Attendee Review, 23 April 2016

The tutor Mike was very good and the course itself was very informative. The venue at NTI was excellent.

Steven Burnham, 23 April 2016

Really enjoyed. Thank you!

Attendee Review, 9 February 2016

Mike was great. This course has allowed me to become familiar with the interface which I will move on to develop in future learning.

Attendee Review, 17 July 2015

Fantastic facilities, catered for my dietary needs. Trainer was very knowledgeable and keen to answer questions related to my own workflow.

Attendee Review, 28 April 2015

Good tutor, good content, good venue - that's why I came back!

Attendee Review, 28 April 2015

Thanks for the excellent After Effects course last Thursday and Friday. The facilities were fantastic and Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject was inspiring! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend a more advanced AE course in the near future.

Attendee Review, 27 February 2015