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Adobe Illustrator Advanced

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Tuesday 22nd - Wednesday 23rd October 2019
09:30 – 17:00
Cloth Hall Court, City Campus, Leeds Beckett University
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Gary is awesome as always!

Attendee review, 28 March 2018

Build on your Adobe Illustrator knowledge, develop additional skills and learn how to use the advanced tools within this professional vector editing software.

Learn from an experienced professional how to create high-quality illustrations, logos, graphs, diagrams, adverts, websites and web or print layouts for your clients. Increase your productivity and incorporate best practice into your workflow.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create visually stunning, scalable graphics for use in web, mobile, video and print workflows.
  • Save valuable time by learning little-known productivity tips and techniques.

Suitable for

Graphic designers, artists and experienced users of Adobe Illustrator who want to take their skills and creative output to the next level and utilise 3D and other special effects.


You're an Adobe Illustrator user, with skills equivalent to the level of the Adobe Illustrator Introduction course.

We expect delegates to be familiar with operating systems; able to navigate for files, and proficient using a keyboard and mouse.



(The price is inclusive and as an education provider we do not charge VAT.)

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Additional dates

To keep you posted we will post upcoming additional dates for this course here. If you would like to enquire about future dates, please feel free to contact us


We can design our courses to meet your specific business objectives, developing a tailored plan to deliver the results you're looking for.

Course Outline

Plus Icon Creating and applying brushes
Brushes let you style the appearance of paths. Learn how to create your own Illustrator brushes, including image-based brushes.

  • Create calligraphic, scatter, art, pattern, and bristle brush.
  • Create and apply pixel based brushes.
  • Apply and edit brush strokes.
Plus Icon Transform
Edit beyond the simple limitations of an object bounding box and discover the possibilities of distortions, warps and meshes to sculpt your artwork.

  • Free Transform tool.
  • Apply a Gradient Mesh.
  • Envelope Distort Mesh/ Top Object/ Warp.
  • Modify shape dynamics.
  • Shaper tool.
  • Opacity masks.
Plus Icon Drawing

Unshackle yourself from the methodical pen tool and learn how to build vector artwork more efficiently.

  • Drawing modes.
  • Curvature tool.
  • Shaper tool.
  • Smoothing and simplifying paths.
  • Shape Builder tool.
Plus Icon Colour and paint
Source colours from the world around you with digital apps to capture colour themes, mix new swatches, colour groups and re-colour document artwork to achieve more realistic real world shading.

  • Live paint groups/ painting strokes and fills.
  • Live paint bucket and live paint selection tools.
  • Blob brush/ options/ merging.
  • Appearance panel/ stacking order/ multiple fills and strokes.
  • Live effects.
  • Graphic styles.
  • Gradient Mesh.
  • The blend tool/ menu commands/ spines.
  • Colour guide panel.
  • Recolouring artwork.
  • Colour themes based on a company colour.
  • Spray symbol artwork.
Plus Icon Creating 3D vector artwork
3D effects enable you to convincingly create the appearance of 3D objects from 2D artwork. Illustrator provides features to control object, lighting, and shading features and the ability to apply vector artwork onto 3D shapes.

  • Create 3D extrude/ revolve/ rotate.
  • Lighting and texture/ extrusion settings.
  • Add symbol artwork to 3D.
Plus Icon Building artwork for the web with Responsive SVG and CSS extraction
Create scalable vector artwork for the web that can adapt to the confines of handheld devices or desktop web experiences, and extract CSS code direct from your Illustrator artwork and preview the results in Brackets.

  • CSS panel.
  • Export/ copy CSS.
  • Preview in Brackets.
  • Export SVG/ responsive SVG.
Plus Icon Using a Wacom tablet and pen
Ever wondered how to get to grips with a graphics tablet and pen stylus? Our Wacom tablets will allow you to gain real hand gesture brush strokes that respond to the pressure, tilt and bearing of the pen.

  • Introduction to graphics tablets.
  • Apply brush strokes with a Wacom tablet and pen.
  • Define brush settings for use with a graphics tablet.
  • Define pen pressure/ stylus wheel/ tilt/ bearing/ rotation.
Plus Icon Plugins
Explore some of the ways in which you can extend the creative output of artwork from Illustrator with plugins.

  • Learn about plugins.
  • Install plugins.
  • Extend the creative capability of Illustrator.
  • Use Astute Graphics plugins.
Plus Icon Type
Sculpt your type and free yourself from the confines of the baseline to achieve beautiful results with your editable text.

  • Touch type.
  • Type around a path.
  • Text within a shape.
  • Convert text into paths.
Plus Icon Charts
Create rich info graphics with Illustrator artwork. Import and edit excel data within your Illustrator chart tools.

  • Import correcting and editing data.
  • Swap between graph type.
  • Change the graph type settings.
  • Select and colour graph elements.
  • Create and define a chart designs.
  • Apply a chart design to a marker.
  • Define values to a column chart.
Plus Icon Creative Cloud integration

Explore new possibilities in Illustrator Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps and get up to speed with the latest creative, time-saving techniques.

  • Create, manage and share CC libraries.
  • Use CC library items across Illustrator Photoshop and InDesign.
  • iPad apps.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • Learn how to simplify the process of creating complex and challenging illustration work.
  • Explore techniques for developing image finessing, styles and effects.
  • Create 3D illustrations, lighting effects, and apply artwork to 3D objects.
  • Create vibrant, concise statistical data with the Creative Cloud Graph tools.
  • Accelerate web design projects with CSS extract techniques direct from Illustrator shapes and create responsive web images.
  • Learn the very latest features and enhancements to Illustrator CC.

Attending the course

We are open from 09:00.

Refreshments will be available and lunch will be provided.

All the materials you will need will be provided.

Training Facilities

We’re based in the centre of Leeds at Cloth Hall Court, and we have cutting-edge facilities including the Development Studio for desktop, web and mobile platforms. The studio draws on academics with extensive high-level industrial experience in advanced programming techniques and world-class creative digital content essential to success in the creative digital industries.

Trainer & Reviews

Gary Bradley

Gary Bradley is an Adobe Certified Instructor and an award-winning graphic designer with over 17 years' commercial experience working as a designer and Creative Director in digital print, animation, CGI and illustration.

Gary has led global projects in creative multimedia technology, art direction and management for prestigious brands such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Nike, and Sainsbury's. His courses are designed to nurture and enhance your talent. He will take the knowledge that you have got and help you become more adept, more effective and more productive. He will share with you proven best practice techniques and little-known short cuts that can and will save you hours - all delivered in a style and language that you can relate to. 

Course Reviews

The training was excellent. Very much appreciated Q&A and discussion. It felt tailored to our level.

Attendee review, 07 November 2018

Really engaging course which our team found very useful. Gary was a great tutor and created a very good balance between discussion and formal training. 

Tim Reid, 12 April 2017

Gary was excellent - good delivery of material and rapport with the group.  Open and responsive to questions. Material was pitched just right. 

Nathan Edwards, 12 April 2017

Found everyone to be very helpful and useful

Ben Wardle, 7 December 2016

Excellent course!

Attendee review, 7 December 2016

Very knowledgeable and friendly tutor.

Attendee review, 19 October 2011