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Adobe Illustrator Introduction

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16 August 2022 - 17 August 2022
09:30 – 16:30
Live online, facilitated by Gary Bradley.
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Gary is ace! Really supportive, patient, amazing at understanding your issues when he can't see your screen, and keen to answer all questions.

Attendee review, 11 August 2021

Adobe Illustrator has firmly established itself as a market leader in digital illustration and ‘infographics’, shaping the way branding and advertising has evolved over recent years. From cereal box design to multinational corporate logo and identity, Adobe Illustrator is at the heart of global visual communications.

This course will develop the skills you will need to create, manage, and edit vector artwork. Gain a sound introduction to the concepts of vector graphics and their implementation within the design process, and learn best practice approaches to boost your productivity.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Produce vector artwork for screen, web and print.
  • Understand the application of vector-based graphics.
  • Save time and boost your productivity as well as the quality of your finished design.

Suitable for

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You want to produce impactful graphic visuals - from logo design to tracing complex images.
  • You want to learn from an experienced practitioner and Adobe authorised trainer.


We expect delegates to be familiar with operating systems; able to navigate for files, and proficient using a keyboard and mouse.

In order to attend you will also require the following IT set-up:

  • A good internet connection – minimum speed of 1.6mb
  • Google Chrome or Firefox as the internet browser
  • The latest version of Adobe Illustrator installed on your machine – please check Illustrator System Requirements before downloading
  • A dual monitor set-up for the best online experience – a laptop/TV could be used as a 2nd monitor
  • A USB headset with microphone



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Additional dates

To keep you posted we will post upcoming additional dates for this course here. If you would like to enquire about future dates, please feel free to contact us.


We can design our courses to meet your specific business objectives, developing a tailored plan to deliver the results you're looking for.

Course Outline

Plus Icon The editing environment
  • The opening module aims to build confidence in exploring and modifying the workspace.  Browsing, opening and viewing documents and defining preferences, colour management and image navigation tools.
Plus Icon Managing documents
  • Learn how to open, set up and manage document size, orientation, format and artboard properties for a range of uses such as screen, web and print. Learn how to build an efficient layer structure.
Plus Icon Selecting and arranging content
  • Before you can edit vector graphics you'll learn how to select, place and arrange them on the artboard. Includes techniques for hiding, locking, duplicating and transforming objects.
Plus Icon Drawing
  • Learn how to create simple shapes, lines and grid objects. Master the pen tool and explore how custom shapes can be drawn and edited efficiently.
Plus Icon Build artwork
  • Build complex artwork from simple rectangles and ellipses by combining them together, using the pathfinder panel to merge, join and divide objects.
Plus Icon Applying colour
  • This module looks at techniques for specifying and applying colour strokes and fill swatches. Create patterns, gradients, colour groups and browse spot colour libraries. Capture colour inspiration as themes from your iOS and Android device and download them direct to your desktop app for use in your artwork.
Plus Icon Styles and effects
  • Create and apply special effects to object appearance. Once saved, these "styles" can be reapplied to multiple objects, saving you valuable time.
Plus Icon Adding text
  • Learn how to import and format text with character and paragraph formatting controls. Add text inside an object shape and around a path.
Plus Icon Output
  • This module looks at techniques for achieving consistent colour for print and web, including managing web-safe colour.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • Essential drawing and production techniques using diverse tools and features.
  • The advantages of vector-based graphics for developing your skills.
  • How to use professional vector editing software correctly in order to save time and increase your productivity.
  • The characteristics and concepts of vector graphics.
  • Opening and defining specifications for new document settings.
  • How to save and export artwork.
  • How to customise the user interface to better suit your workflow.
  • How to create simple shapes and objects with shape and line tools.
  • How to create complex artwork using The Pen Tool to create custom shapes.
  • How to work with colour, styles and effects to characterise your artwork.
  • How to format type characters and paragraphs.
  • How to work with layers and artboards to maximise your workflow efficiency.

Attending the course

We are online from 09:15 using the video conferencing software eyeson.

Training facilities

We’re based in the centre of Leeds at Cloth Hall Court, and we have cutting-edge facilities including the Development Studio for desktop, web and mobile platforms. The studio draws on academics with extensive high-level industrial experience in advanced programming techniques and world-class creative digital content essential to success in the creative digital industries.

Trainer & Reviews

Gary Bradley

Gary Bradley is an Adobe Certified Instructor and an award-winning graphic designer with over 17 years' commercial experience working as a designer and Creative Director in digital print, animation, CGI and illustration.

Gary has led global projects in creative multimedia technology, art direction and management for prestigious brands such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Nike, and Sainsbury's. His courses are designed to nurture and enhance your talent. He will take the knowledge that you have got and help you become more adept, more effective and more productive. He will share with you proven best practice techniques and little-known short cuts that can and will save you hours - all delivered in a style and language that you can relate to. 

Course Reviews

Very thorough and knowledgeable - Gary is so good!!

Attendee review, 20 January 2021

Great delivery, easy to follow tasks and idea starter session.

Attendee review, 20 January 2021

Great course, brilliant facilities and great schedule with sufficient breaks.

Attendee review, 13 November 2019

My 3rd time at NTI, will definitely be back!

Attendee review, 13 November 2019

Gary is just brilliant, i cannot wait to come and do the Advanced Illustrator course. Its been a fantastic couple of days, wish it was longer!

Attendee review, 12 September 2019

Excellent well paced course, very well delivered. Gary is really clear and easy to understand. Very comprehensive level of content without being overwhelming. 

Attendee review 12 September 2019

The course was very enjoyable. Gary is an amazing tutor, he is extremely knowledgeable and is very passionate about his subject. 

Attendee review, 12 September 2019

I would definitely recommend the course and the facilities.

Attendee review, 22 March 2019

All amazing! Very helpful and enough information for a beginner. 

Attendee review, 22 March 2019

Gary is great, made everything seem manageable and was very approachable and friendly. Would fully recommend.  

Attendee review, 6 February 2019

Course was very informative, done at exactly the right pace to not get lost or get bored. Really friendly, fun & helpful tutor. 

Attendee review, 6 February 2019

Its been great, really enjoyed it and found it extremely useful. Thank you!

Attendee review, 6 February 2019

Gary was a great teacher, very knowledgeable and friendly. 

Attendee review, 10 January 2019

Brilliant introduction to the software; learned a lot in a short space of time.

Attendee review, 21 November 2018

Great tutor, good facility, would recommend! 

Attendee review, 11 July 2018

Great tutor and good explanations of functions when asked. This will improve my workflow.

Attendee review, 11 October 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The tutor was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient.

Attendee review, 11 October 2018

Great course and enthusiastic tutor. Recommend to anyone looking to develop their knowledge & skill set. 

Attendee review, 11 July 2018

Fantastic course, well delivered. Thank you!

Attendee review, 5 April 2018

Gary is great - I've been on his other courses and have sent my team on several. Lots of knowledge & experience, great at explaining too. 

Attendee review, 5 April 2018

Brilliant course, absolutely loved my time here. It's given me all the tools to progress in my career.  

Attendee review, 14 February 2018

Gary is a great teacher, really easy to chat to. He has been amazing in answering my questions outside of lessons too.

Kiera Gardner, 24 January 2018

Great course, tutor and facilities. 

Jack Taylor, 24 January 2018

Gary was absolutely excellent, one of the best trainers i have come across. 

Attendee review, 20 January 2017

Brilliant course, would highly recommend, NTI staff really helpful & organised

Attendee review, 20 January 2017

Gary was fab, helpful and very knowledgeable. 

Attendee review, 3 November 2016

Gary is an asset to NTI and i would highly recommend him, the NTI facilities were absolutely perfect too in a great location with good proximity to transport links.

Nick Elliott, 8 September 2016

Excellent course, very well presented. Clear to understand & at a good pace.

Attendee Review, 4 May 2016

Absolutely BRILLIANT! Loved the course & Gary! Learnt so much in an enjoyable way. Now I want to do the Advanced course!

Attendee review, 3 March 2016

Excellent course which is well taught & Gary presents in such a way that it is easy to understand.

Attendee review, 3 March 2016

Gary's teaching style & approachability is perfect for this type of practical learning course. I honestly can't fault it!

Attendee review, 3 March 2016

Fantastic course & tutor - couldn't have asked for anything better. Very good value for money!

Rachel Percy, 21 January 2016

Everything was fantastic. The course was excellent and has really helped my understanding of Illustrator. Thank you!

Attendee review, 3 November 2015

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