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Adobe InDesign: Absolute Basics for document editors

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You will spend one day learning how to open existing InDesign files, locate the pages you need to edit and pick the right tool to make simple changes. From replacing photos to editing text and colours you will get to grips with the most basic concepts needed to update your inhouse documents. No nonsense, straight to the point advice and skills that will help you get the job done!

This course is aimed at modifying and altering existing content. To keep the aims of this course focused we will NOT be covering how to create new documents, designs and assets, this is covered on our comprehensive two-day introduction to InDesign.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the correct page, view page items at an appropriate size.
  • Replace, resize and reposition images.
  • Edit existing copy, import new text and paste new text into your InDesign document.
  • Change the colour of existing shapes and page items.
  • Apply existing master page templates to the correct page of your document.
  • Resolve common problems such as missing fonts, broken links to images and finding free images to use in your InDesign documents.
  • Spell-check and proof your document.
  • Export to PDF for print, screen and online viewing.

Suitable for

People with no design skills or creative background or have no experience of using InDesign. You just need to edit existing documents quickly with the minimum of fuss!


We expect delegates to be familiar with operating systems; able to navigate for files, and proficient using a keyboard and mouse.



(The price is inclusive and as an education provider we do not charge VAT.)

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Course Outline

Plus Icon Open and view an existing InDesign document

The opening module aims to help you overcome the challenges that most people face each day when opening and editing existing InDesign files.

  • Open an existing InDesign document.
  • How to solve warning messages that may appear when you open a file like missing fonts and images.
  • How to view the entire page.
  • How to find other pages in your file.
  • Zoom into items to make them easier to view and inspect.
  • How to hide guides so you can see your page content clearer.
  • Understanding why images appear to be low quality.
  • Understand the difference between items on the page, along the edge and items that do not appear on the page at all.
  • The four panels you will need to make edits and four tools you will use.
Plus Icon Edit images in your document

One of the more common elements in a desktop publishing document are images. In this section you will learn how images are used in InDesign and how they can be edited on the page.

  • What happens to an image when it is added to InDesign document?
  • How to organise images on your desktop.
  • What image file types are recommended.
  • How to select an image.
  • Where to find high quality images for free.
  • Replace an image.
  • Why you should never paste an image into your InDesign document.
  • Why is some of the image missing?
  • How to crop an image.
  • How to fix a broken link to an image.
  • How to move an image to another part of the page.
  • How to change the size of an image.
  • How to rotate an image.
Plus Icon Editing text

Along with images, text is the most common element and important part of a desktop publishing document.

  • Choosing the correct tool to edit text.
  • How to select a character, word, line of text, paragraph and all text.
  • Make simple copy changes such as deleting and adding new text.
  • Import text from Microsoft word or by pasting.
  • Change the font family, size, and colour of text.
  • Why has my text disappeared? Overset text and how to resolve it.
  • Apply a Paragraph Style.
  • Apply a Character Style.
  • Edit styles.
  • Insert special characters such as degree signs, copyright and trademark symbols.
  • Understanding how text threading works.
  • Split a text frame into multiple columns.
  • Move and resize text frames.
  • What is text wrap? How to combine text and images.
Plus Icon Pages

You may need to add, delete or even change the order of pages in your existing document. This section will show you the best ways to achieve this.

  • How to add a new page where you need it.
  • How to delete one or more pages.
  • How to apply a master page.
  • How to find and edit a master page.
  • How to change the order of your pages.
Plus Icon Edit and review

Once you have completed your design treatment, you will often need to perform simple tasks such as spelling and grammar checks, but you can also search for images below a specific quality threshold or missing text with preflight.

  • Spell check, auto-correct and dynamic spelling.
  • Create an automated preflight check of your document to detect any issues.
  • Export to PDF for professional print output, internal print and screen viewing.
  • Publish an online document.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate and adapt the user interface to suit your needs.
  • Open and navigate an InDesign document.
  • Edit, Import and apply basic formatting to text and images.
  • Check the quality of images. Identify and resolve common issues before going to print.
  • Apply master page templates.
  • Work with styles and formatting techniques to implement consistency throughout your products.
  • Use colour, transparency and effects.
  • Output to print, web and mobile devices.

Attending the course

We are open from 09:00.

Refreshments will be available and a lunch voucher will be provided for use at any Leeds Beckett food outlet.

All the materials you will need will be provided.

Training facilities

We’re based in the centre of Leeds at Broadcasting Place, and we have cutting-edge facilities including the Development Studio for desktop, web and mobile platforms. The studio draws on academics with extensive high-level industrial experience in advanced programming techniques and world-class creative digital content essential to success in the creative digital industries.

Trainer & Reviews

Gary Bradley

Gary Bradley is an Adobe Certified Instructor and an award-winning graphic designer with over 17 years' commercial experience working as a designer and Creative Director in digital print, animation, CGI and illustration.

Gary has led global projects in creative multimedia technology, art direction and management for prestigious brands such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Nike, and Sainsbury's. His courses are designed to nurture and enhance your talent. He will take the knowledge that you have got and help you become more adept, more effective and more productive. He will share with you proven best practice techniques and little-known short cuts that can and will save you hours - all delivered in a style and language that you can relate to. 

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