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Adobe InDesign Introduction

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16 November 2021 - 17 November 2021
09:30 – 17:00
Live online, facilitated by Gary Bradley.
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Really great sessions, Gary was brilliant it was really easy to pick up from his explanations and demonstrations.

Attendee review, 14 June 2021

Learn how to use InDesign to produce eye-catching, high-quality designs for print and the web, creating artwork and creative layouts from scratch and using various production techniques.

This course will introduce you to the page layout and design applications of InDesign.

Starting with InDesign basics, you will build skills and confidence in navigating this application and using its key tools. You will become a proficient user of InDesign, able to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Improve your productivity by defining master page styles and use the most effective ways to complete common tasks.
  • Implement consistency across your output by working with styles and implementing formatting techniques.
  • Add finesse to your documents with colour, transparency and effects.
  • Increase effectiveness by using best-practice techniques for outputting to print, web and mobile devices.

Suitable for

Designers who want to create eye-catching page designs suitable for both print and the web, learning from an experienced practitioner and Adobe authorised trainer.


We expect delegates to be familiar with operating systems; able to navigate for files, and proficient using a keyboard and mouse.

You will also require the following IT set-up:

  • A good internet connection – minimum speed of 1.6mb
  • Google Chrome or Firefox as the internet browser
  • The latest version of Adobe InDesign installed on your machine – please check InDesign System Requirements before downloading
  • A dual monitor set-up for the best online experience – a laptop/TV could be used as a 2nd monitor
  • A USB headset with microphone



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Course Outline

Plus Icon Find your way around the interface
The opening module aims to build confidence in navigating and modifying the workspace and will include browsing, opening and viewing documents and defining preferences.

  • Open an InDesign document.
  • Use navigation tools to view different pages, magnify artwork and view pages at a suitable size on-screen.
  • Show and hide grids and guides, use present modes to review an active InDesign document.
  • Define references and colour settings.
  • Become familiar with where to find InDesign’s Tools and panels for editing.
Plus Icon Edit existing documents

Learn how to manage and define objects and their characteristics, be it text frames or graphic frames. Create libraries of content so that you can repurpose them and save valuable time.

  • Select one or more frames to make them active for edits
  • Replace images and colours of selected frames.
  • Change the size of an image frame
  • Add an effect to a frame
  • Edit the opacity and transparency of a frame.
  • Select characters, words and paragraphs with the Type tool.
  • Create a paragraph style from existing text.
  • Apply globally controlled text styles.
  • Modify column numbers in a text frame.
  • Apply text wrap to an image that text will flow around.
  • Edit a page template design on a master page.
Plus Icon Create a single page document

Starting as simple as possible, you will create a single page layout adding images, text, and logos within a simple grid structure. 

  • Create a single page document with appropriate settings for print and screen.
  • Define a simple grid structure to align your text and images to.
  • Import one or more images and define their size on the page.
  • Import text from Microsoft Word and format the type.
  • Create a branded colour and use it in your design.
  • Align and distribute page items.
  • Check image quality.
  • Create a PDF of your completed page for use in print and screen.
Plus Icon Create and manage multipage publications

Focusing on defining, creating and modifying document attributes, this module looks at the initial stages of developing InDesign files, using preset file types for quick set-up and building a document structure with layers, guides and a baseline grid.

  • Create a new multi-page document.
  • Create a grid of columns and rows organised in a simple layer structure
  • Automate features such as page numbering.
  • Create a library of assets that can be shared with colleagues.
  • Import large text files and thread the content through multiple text frames.
  • Create paragraph styles, character styles, object styles to globally edit the look of your artwork and text.
  • Create a bulleted and numbered list.
  • Create shapes, lines and colours based on RGB and CMYK references.
  • Create harmonious colour themes sampled from a photo that can be added to your text and shapes.
  • Scale, rotate and reposition frames.
Plus Icon Edit and review

Once you have completed your design treatment, you will often need to perform simple tasks such as spelling and grammar checks, but you can also search for images below a specific quality threshold or missing text with Preflight.

  • Spell check, auto-correct and dynamic spelling.
  • Create an automated preflight check of your document to detect any issues.
  • Export to PDFX-1a for professional print output.
  • Publish an online document.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate and adapt the user interface to suit your needs.
  • Set up and organise document grids, guides and baselines.
  • Import and format type and artwork.
  • Use reviewing and proofing tools to output accurate results.
  • Define master page styles, numbering and chapter techniques that will significantly improve your productivity.
  • Work with styles and formatting techniques to implement consistency throughout your products.
  • Use colour, transparency and effects.
  • Output to print, web and mobile devices.

Attending the course

We are online from 09:15 using the video conferencing software eyeson.

Training facilities

We’re based in the centre of Leeds at Broadcasting Place, and we have cutting-edge facilities including the Development Studio for desktop, web and mobile platforms. The studio draws on academics with extensive high-level industrial experience in advanced programming techniques and world-class creative digital content essential to success in the creative digital industries.

Trainer & Reviews

Gary Bradley

Gary Bradley is an Adobe Certified Instructor and an award-winning graphic designer with over 17 years' commercial experience working as a designer and Creative Director in digital print, animation, CGI and illustration.

Gary has led global projects in creative multimedia technology, art direction and management for prestigious brands such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Nike, and Sainsbury's. His courses are designed to nurture and enhance your talent. He will take the knowledge that you have got and help you become more adept, more effective and more productive. He will share with you proven best practice techniques and little-known short cuts that can and will save you hours - all delivered in a style and language that you can relate to. 

Course Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I thought Gary was an excellent tutor.  He was extremely informative, knowledgeable and engaging and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to anyone. Thank you very much Gary!

Attendee review, 03 December 2020

Covered such a lot in the last two days and found Gary an excellent tutor and very patient.

Attendee review, 03 December 2020

Really great, packed in loads but wasn't too overwhelming. Good pace, really well delivered online. Gary is so knowledgeable and has really given me lots of confidence and inspiration. 

Attendee review, 10 September 2020

Great course- I learnt a lot in two days and feel confident to start designing. So many insightful tips and tricks! Gary was an excellent trainer, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at Adobe courses.

Attendee review, 10 September 2020

Great course, I really enjoyed it. It was easy to follow and the tutor was brilliant.

Attendee review, 21 August 2020

I really enjoyed the course, thank you! Gary was very patient and knowledgeable and really took the time to make sure we were able to follow along and have any questions we had answered. We covered a lot in the two days and we were able to take away the skill set to go and make a start on our own projects!

Attendee review, 21 August 2020

Great course, I really enjoyed it. It was easy to follow and the tutor was brilliant.

Attendee review, 21 August 2020

Gary is very patient and encouraging, and works at a good pace for an introduction to the subject.

Attendee review, 21 August 2020

I have been using InDesign for 2 years and had to figure it out for my self. Gary was a fantastic tutor (even if it was his first time running an online course during the pandemic) Not once did I feel my learning was impacted by the course being online. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable and will save me hours of work!

Attendee Review, 13 August 2020

Really great course with a great tutor! Massive thank you to Gary, very professional, helpful, friendly and experienced! Would 100% recommend. Thanks for a great few days.

Attendee review, 13 August 2020

Gary was really good at explaining things and everything was really clear!

Attendee review, 13 August 2020

The course was great but Garry made it! His explanations and in-depth knowledge is fantastic. 

Attendee review, 21 November 2019

Excellent course - i learnt so much in two days and feel confident to start designing at work. Gary was a brilliant trainer, thank you for all your help!

Attendee review, 21 November 2019

Excellent course - well presented, good pace and good balance between doing and watching.

Attendee review, 21 November 2019

Gary was absolutely amazing! As someone who has never seen InDesign  I have left the course feeling confident and excited to use the software - Thank you!  

Attendee review, 27 June 2019

Gary was an excellent tutor and the course materials are exceptional. I would happily recommend Gary to anyone looking at courses for Adobe.  

Attendee review, 13 February 2019

Everything exceeded expectations, from the food to the class size to the tutor. It was all spot on!

Attendee review, 13 February 2019

Gary was brilliant! Very helpful, charismatic and engaging! 10 out of 10! 

Attendee review, 13 February 2019

Gary was absolutely fantastic, knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. Really enjoyed his learning style. Feel well on my way to creating my own documents. 

Attendee review, 23 January 2019

The facility was amazing! Gary was excellent and passionate! The rest of the staff were so friendly! Great 2-day course! 

Attendee review, 23 January 2019

Really enjoyed the course - great tutor. Thank you!

Attendee review, 5 December 2018

The course material was an excellent resource, easy to follow and detailed. Gary was very knowledgeable and clearly explained each activity.  

Attendee review, 5 December 2018

Great course, great tutor. Learned a lot. Absolutely worthwhile!

Attendee review, 31 October 2018

Gary was absolutely superb - very patient, an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable!

Attendee review, 31 October 2018

Excellent course & tutor. Really enjoyed the two days.

Attendee review, 20 September 2018

A lot of money but absolutely worth it! Very highly recommend both the course and tutor. 

Attendee review, 20 September 2018

Great course (both this and Photoshop Introduction) Looking forward to practicing! Thank you!

Attendee review, 6 July 2018

Fantastic - would most definitely recommend. 

Attendee review, 6 July 2018

Genuinely one of the best, most engaging, well put together training sessions I've been on. I will try to convince my manager to let me back to do the advanced course. Thanks! 

Attendee review, 6 July 2018

The course was great, Gary helped everyone when they needed it. The course was broken down well into manageable chunks. Great course, will recommend. 

Attendee review, 14 June 2018

Really good course, i learnt a lot and everything was explained very clearly. 

Attendee review, 14 June 2018

Great venue and facilities. Great tutor. Gary was so so helpful. Emmeline was fantastic too, friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend this course and the uni.

Jamie Mcghee, 14 June 2018

Easy to book on course, fab location, great facilities, friendly staff and very experienced tutor, great training! Thank you! 

Kristina Horner, 25 April 2018

Gary is a great teacher and very patient with people. He clearly loves design and helping others. 

Attendee review, 25 April 2018

Fantastic tutor! Very professional & helpful and experienced too!

Attendee review, 13 March 2018

Very useful course and would recommend to anyone. Very good tutor. 

Luke Parry, 13 March 2018

Again, Gary is a fantastic tutor. Thank you very much!!

Attendee review, 13 March 2018

Really impressed with everything. Staff i encountered only briefly remembered my name and were super helpful. Lovely food, really nice facilities and fantastic tutor who was really knowledgeable and prepared. 

Attendee review, 1 February 2018

Gary was a great tutor, approachable, helpful, nothing was too much trouble. The facilities were fantastic and a great location! 

Sarah Hobson, 23 November 2017

Very helpful course with good tutor who made it enjoyable to learn. 

Attendee review, 23 November 2017

Gary was a fantastic tutor - very patient and good at explaining complicated aspects clearly - will recommend the course to others. 

Attendee review , 23 November 2017

Gary is a very good teacher and the document he provided was fantastic. I would look to book another course with him in the future. 

Attendee review, 27 September 2017

Wonderful, learnt alot and great learning environment.  

Attendee review, 27 September 2017

Gary did a great job delivering an engaging training event with highly informative and interactive content. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to others.

Darren O'Meara, 22 June 2017

Really great session, informative and really friendly tutor. I'm sure i'll make use of everything i've learnt very soon! 

Attendee review, 22 June 2017

Really useful and excellent handbook to take away. Thanks!

Attendee review, 22 June 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the trainer was calm, thoughtful and helpful.  

Attendee review, 22 June 2017

Excellent tutor - very approachable & Knowledgeable! 

Jo Francis, 22 June 2017

Gary is highly knowledgeable & is passionate about the software. 

Attendee Review, 7 April 2017

Gary is a fantastic tutor who can explain the whole process really well. Highly recommend.  

Attendee review, 7 April 2017

As a novice there was a lot to learn but Gary was very helpful and very knowledgeable + patient. 

Attendee review, 8 March 2017

Excellent course, Gary made everything seem accessible and simple. 

Attendee review, 11 January 2017

Thank you Gary for an excellent couple of days. 

Attendee review, 11 January 2017

Great tutor and facilities.

Attendee review, 11 January 2017

Gary was fab. So knowledgeable & helpful. Very supportive learning environment.

Aneliese Bennett , 20 October 2016

This was excellent, one of the best courses, everything was made with easy to follow steps and the tutor and course work were to the best possible standards. 

Attendee review, 20th October 2016

Brilliant and came well recommended, thank you.

Emily Bell, 18 August 2016

Really useful - highly recommend to anyone! Great style & pace of training.

Attendee review, 28 April 2016

Gary was fantastic, very knowledgeable & helpful. Would recommend this training to anyone!

Attendee review, 28 April 2016

Overall great.  Very useful & up to date technology

Attendee review, 24 February 2016

Very good tutor.  Supplied everything & made each step easy to follow

Attendee review, 24 February 2016

Really useful course - will be recommending

Karen Angell, 2 December 2015

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