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Our state-of-the-art facilities can be used for team-building activities, one-off requests or on-going work in conjunction with the University.

Businesses may be interested in using our facilities for team-building activities, one-off requests or on-going work in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University. Our excellent on and off site resources underpin our research, consultancy and teaching activities. We benefit from state-of-the-art hardware, software, studio and lab space, coupled with industry standard specialist music, performance and film facilities.

App Development Studio

We provide cutting-edge training in app development on Apple and android platforms and at the NTI we have a dedicated app development studio that allows us to provide a mobile application development service for both platforms. 

For more information please visit our App Development Studio pages. 

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Blue Screen Studio / Motion Capture Studio

Our 3D motion capture equipment provides the ability to record and analyse human movement, which can then be used to generate animation data. Combined with advanced 3D modelling technology, this data can be used in the production of high quality animated content for video/film, the Internet and games. This advanced technology can also be used to provide insight into human interaction with physical products and systems, allowing usability to be evaluated in a range of domains and generating invaluable information to improve designs and processes.

We also have a range of movement analysis technology, including user eye tracking facilities and portable motion capture systems.

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Automation and Embedded Systems Laboratories

Brand new laboratory spaces at our Headingley Campus provide facilities to support the areas of electrical, electronic and engineering. The Automation Lab integrates process control technologies including pneumatics, image recognition of parts/products, level sensors for fluid materials, and the measurement of electrical and process-related variables. The equipment utilises RFID chips to track products through the production processes.

A range of technology is available to support the Embedded System development, such as Siemens Programmable Logic controllers, NI ELVIS and MyRIO systems. These industry proven technologies enable the design of real, complex engineering systems to be undertaken faster and more affordably.

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3D Printing and Manufacturing Technologies

We have extensive architecture, design and art studio spaces that are supported by fabrication facilities including a range of modern 3D rapid prototyping machines, functional product printers and 2D laser cutters. These allow for the rapid prototyping and evaluation of design concepts to produce functional models, and the replication of virtual/digital designs in a physical form as well as enabling the capture of real world objects digitally. We also have a range of 3D scanning technologies that allow the generation of 3D models at a range of scales from architectural to object scanning.

3D Printer in use

Premier Farnell Laboratory

Our partnership with the Leeds-based Premier Farnell Group, provides our BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering students the chance to work on projects and developments in an industrial setting within a Farnell Laboratory. Their developments and innovations are then showcased on the Group’s Element 14 website.

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Drone Survey System

Working with the Leeds Sustainability Institute (LSI), we offer the latest drone and thermal imaging technology to provide new ways of measuring and evaluating building sustainability. We can combine this with our Faculty’s printing and manufacturing facilities to create material outputs from the findings, such as 3D models of the areas surveyed. For more information on availability and costs please contact Steve Collins on 0113 812 372 or email