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How to make friends and settle in

Making friends at university is something that will probably be on most of your minds. Will I settle in? What will freshers week be like? How will I make friends? We are here to give you low down on our famous Freshers week and tell you all about the activities and support available to help you feel at home at university.

Friends taking a picture at the Leeds Beckett Sports Gala
Start making friends Right Arrow
Talk to fellow flatmates and see who's studying your course.
Wellbeing support Right Arrow
We have plenty of resources to ensure you have all the support you need at Uni. Have a look.
Moving to a university is an exciting time with lots of new experiences ahead. You may be wondering how and where you will make friends and whether you will settle in. Our students have been in your position and want to assure you that you will make friends and have put together some tips for settling in.

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