Parent to parent

Son and mother smiling at the camera with trees in the background

Harvinder and Pav

When Harvinder Bharaj and her family moved to England from Kenya in 2008 she was determined to ensure her two sons had the opportunity to do something she never did herself – go to university. We met up with Harvinder and her youngest son Pav, now in his second year studying architecture at Leeds Beckett, to hear their story.

Harvinder's perspective

“I’ve always been passionate about learning; education is so important. I wanted the boys to become better qualified and more employable to improve their chances of success when they come to look for work.”

“I had very little knowledge of universities in the UK, but fortunately the boys both knew what they needed to do when it came to UCAS. I just made sure I was aware of all the key dates and typed them into my mobile so I could remind Pav and Dilraj when they needed to be doing things.”

“Pav’s slowly starting to learn a few simple recipes. He’s made a few meals for me and I’m pleased to say that I survived!”

Pav's perspective

“Because my mum didn’t get the same opportunities, it’s something that motivates me to make the most of what is available to me. She didn’t get the same chances and I think that’s why she has always encouraged us.

“My mum has pushed my brother and I, but only in a way that has motivated us to pursue our goals. She’s always helped us with homework and, as we’ve got a little older, encouraged us to keep studying.”

Parent to parent