Staying well, staying safe

Student Health Guide

Each of our students receives a comprehensive ‘Student Health Guide’ when they first come to the University. All of our students are strongly encouraged to register with one of the many GP surgeries in the local area. We generally recommend that students remain registered with their home dentist, as waiting lists for NHS dentists can be long. Emergency dental treatment and student-led walk-in clinics are available at Leeds Dental Hospital.

Meningitis Vaccine

Students, particularly freshers living in halls, are an ‘at risk’ group for contracting meningitis and other infectious diseases. All 17 and 18 year olds and first time students up to the age of 25 are eligible for the Men ACWY vaccine under the NHS vaccine programme. Please visit our Student Wellbeing page for more information.

Student Wellbeing & Mental Health

We provide an accredited service of professionally trained counsellors and mental health practitioners to support students with wellbeing issues they are experiencing. Our Student Wellbeing pages explain the registration process and what the service has to offer. Students are also encouraged to access and make use of our Self-help tools. In addition our university is now partnering with Kooth student, who offer an online counselling and emotional well-being service through mobile, tablet and desktop. The service is available to all our students, providing free, anonymous, online counselling during the afternoon, evenings and weekends 52 weeks a year.

We have joined up with the Students’ Union to produce a student mental health action plan. This covers developments we are committed to carrying through in the areas of physical wellbeing mental and emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, and community/environment. For example we aim to rollout ’Looking after your mate’ training to students, equipping them to look out for their friends as well as looking after themselves.

Safety & Security

Our Safety and security page provides helpful information about personal safety, looking after your belongings, and who to contact for at any point. You may also find our Security hints and tips useful. Trained security staff are on campus and at many halls of residence 24 hours a day to ensure the welfare and safety of our students. The key contact numbers for our Security team are:

Zero Tolerance

Our University takes a Zero Tolerance approach to any form of harassment or discrimination, including sexual misconduct and racial harassment of any kind. This includes a simple reporting system, a first response support team, and processes to follow through with whatever action is necessary.