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Business Continuity Planning and Reporting a Crisis

The University's arrangements for business continuity planning form part of its system of corporate governance and internal control.

The Audit Committee is responsible for oversight of internal controls which includes business continuity planning and crisis management. The University’s approach establishes a framework for responding to a crisis and initiating business recovery.  The objective is to ensure that the University is able to manage crises effectively and expediently with the dual aim of protecting people and minimising damage / disruption to the University’s resources, reputation and operating.

What is a Crisis? 
An organisational crisis is a low-probability, high impact event. It poses a significant threat to life and/or to the operations of the University and it can have negative consequences if not handled appropriately. It may result from a single event or a series of cascading or concurrent events. Please see the Reporting a Crisis document for details on reporting contacts. 

Crisis Management
The University has a Crisis Management Plan in place that details how the University will respond to crises and is the primary decision making entity in the event of a declared crisis and is responsible for maintaining perspective on the overall impact of the crisis on the University’s operations, for allocating resources, analysing the information available and making decisions while directing the response to the crisis. 

Additionally, Crisis Response Teams are in place for certain Services to enable the management of the immediate response to and resolution of particular types of crises using specified protocols. 

Business Recovery / Continuity 
Each School and Service will have their own Business Recovery Plan for implementation at local level, to enable the management of the operational impact of a crisis and the continuity and/or resumption of local activities. A School/Service Business Recovery Plan should be invoked by the Dean of School / Director of Service (or Deputy) under the following circumstances:

  • (a) at a local level to continue or resume local business where there is a disruption to local service; and/or
  • (b) to support the phases immediately after a crisis, which has had an impact on the local area and its activities; and/or 
  • (c) on request from the Crisis Management Team or Crisis Response Team. 
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