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Business Continuity Planning and Reporting a Major Incident

The University has plans to manage major incidents and support recovery. 

What is a major incident? 
A major incident is an actual or anticipated event which threatens:

  • The safety and wellbeing of staff and students (whenever they are acting in a University-related capacity, irrespective of their location);
  • The safety and wellbeing of visitors and other third parties to the University’s sites or at events organised by the University wherever they are located;
  • The University’s core operations; 
  • The University’s reputation; 
  • The University’s property or other physical assets;
  • The University’s information, data or systems; and

is beyond the scope of resolution by normal management and decision-making mechanisms.

The University has developed a plan to deal with situations of this kind. 

The University Secretary is the University’s Major Incident Co-ordinator.

What do you need to do?
In the event of a suspected major incident, you should contact the University Security Team [4444 or 0113 812 3165] and provide as much information as possible. An overview of the Major Incident Plan provides more details.  The full plan is available to staff within the University. Appendices to the plan include:

Appendix 1 - Decision Tree
Appendix 2 - 'METHANE' tool: reporting a major incident 
Appendix 3 - Contact information [CONFIDENTIAL]
Appendix 4 - Example Incident log
Appendix 5 - Typical agenda for first meeting of group 
Appendix 6 - Major Incident Team Co-ordinator role
Appendix 7 - 'Stand down' checklist
Appendix 8 - Mutual Aid Framework and Resources [to follow]
Appendix 9 - Generic Plan on a page
Appendix 10 - Incident Plans [to follow]

NB. Appendix 3 is strictly confidential and is only held by the Major Incident Team. Please refer to Section 4 of the Major Incident Plan for more information

Business Continuity 
Business continuity plans support longer-term recovery once the initial impact of an incident has been addressed. Each School and Service will have their own Business Recovery Plan for implementation at a local level, to enable the management of the operational impact of an incident and the continuity and/or resumption of local activities. A School/Service Business Continuity Plan should be invoked by the Dean of School / Director of Service (or Deputy) under the following circumstances:

  • at a local level to continue or resume local business where there is a disruption to local service; and/or
  • to support the phases immediately after a major incident, which has had an impact on the local area and its activities; and/or 
  • on request from the Major Incident Team. 

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