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In accordance with Leeds Beckett’s Instrument of Government and the Financial Regulations, the University Secretary’s Office holds and is responsible for facilitating the use of the University’s Seal of Corporation.

If the signature page on an agreement, contract, or other document is labelled “Executed as a deed” it will require the Seal. The signatories for such documents are required by the Instrument and the Financial Regulations to be the Chair of the Board of Governors and one other Governor, usually the Vice Chancellor.

Colleagues requiring a document to be sealed must provide a briefing note for the signatories, so that they have a clear understanding of what they are signing. The briefing must contain the following information:

a. Type of Document (e.g. contract, lease, agreement) and what the University is entering into by signing it;

b.       Duration (e.g., what period of time does the contract cover);

c. Its monetary value;

d. The Project the document relates to;

e. The responsible officer;

f. The approval process for the Project which led to the creation of the document, (e.g. was it approved at committee, by a School Leadership team, the Director of Financial Services) and who gave final approval;

g. That approval for the financial commitment of the project has been sought in line with the Financial Regulations para. C26, and on what date:

           i. Project Managers Up to £5k  

           ii. Resource Centre Managers or nominees plus the above Up to £100k 

           iii. Director of Finance (or nominee) plus all of the above Up to £500k

           iv. Vice Chancellor (or nominee) plus all of the above Up to £1 million 

           v. Chair of Finance, Staffing and Resources Committee plus all of the above £1 million +;

h. What, if any legal advice was sought when preparing the document;

i. Who will hold the signed document (the responsible officer, Governance and Legal Services, or the other party).

A pro forma for the briefing note can be downloaded from this page. All sections must be completed and then returned to the Office of the University Secretary, along with the document requiring the Seal.

For further information and any queries relating to the use of the Seal and the signing of contractual documents, please contact the Office of the University Secretary.

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