Digital Learning Bids

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is pleased to offer awards of up to £500 to encourage innovation and play in the curriculum with a specific focus on digital tools and technologies.

Staff will be offered the opportunity to bid for these funds by proposing a project which focuses on:

  • a personal area of interest;
  • your subject area and how you and your course team will be developing and embedding digital literacy;
  • ideas for technology use in the classroom or online;
  • examples of digital tools which you have seen in the sector or
  • an idea resulting from a discussion with your students.

The proposals will be required to demonstrate how students will potentially benefit from your project and, where possible, how they will be involved in the activities.

A named member of staff will lead the bid and the project team. The bid may be linked to a Curriculum Innovation Project but both the Digital Learning and the Curriculum Innovation Project bids must stand on their own merit during the selection process.

Staff are encouraged to collaborate both within and across Schools/course teams and with partner colleges. Partnerships involving Student Digital Champions within the School are particularly encouraged.

Planning and Selection

We are keen to support projects which encourage individual staff to explore and embed their areas of interest in relation to the curriculum.


What When
Announcement January
Submission deadline March
Panel meet to review submissions April
Successful projects announced April
Payment to successful bids Up to £500 available from July


All bids will be scored according to a set of criteria before coming to a selection panel to make the final decisions. Successful applicants will be informed in April by the Centre for Learning and Teaching

Service contacts

Simon Thomson

Head of E-Learning
0113 81 26303
E-mail Simon Thomson

Janice Priestley

Projects Manager
E-mail Janice Priestley 0113 81 29212

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