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Staff Expenses and Travel

Information and guidance for staff claiming expenses incurred on University business, expenses for UK and Overseas travel, subsistence and business entertainment.

Staff may claim expenses incurred on University business and expenses for transport costs, subsistence and business entertainment. A comprehensive guide on expense proposals and claims relating to UK and Overseas Travel, Accommodation, Subsistence and Business Related Expenditure can be found in the Staff Expenses Procedures document.

The Payments team will ensure that authorised claims received will be paid into your chosen bank account and a remittance advice will be emailed to your work email.

So we can pay you promptly, please ensure we have your bank details by completing the Staff Bank Details Form provided and forwarding to the Payments Team.

Our new Staff Expenses and Travel Procedures can be found here

The main changes to the Staff Travel & Expenses procedures are detailed here

All forms which you need to claim any expenses can be found here:
Staff Expenses Claim Form
Multiple Visit Log Sheet
Staff Bank Details Form
Business and Entertainment Claim Form
Overseas Travel Claim Form

Booking travel
All travel, except low cost local trips, should be booked via the University's approved travel supplier. Contact the Staff Travel Team at the email address below with any request for conferences, travel and accommodation To make bookings we will need details of the traveller's staff ID, project code to charge and approval from the relevant budget holder.

No overseas bookings can be made until you have a fully approved Overseas Visit Proposal (OVP) from the International Office.

Overseas Visit Proposal System (OVP)
All staff looking to travel outside of the UK must submit an online Overseas Visit Proposal form. All visits must be approved prior to travel, even if entirely funded by external sources. Failure to submit a proposal will result in a travel request being declined.

Overseas Visit Proposal (OVP) System

Useful Links
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If you need to pay back the University for reasons such as an under spent overseas advance or contribution towards travel paid by the University, please click here to find out more.

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