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External Examiners 

External examiners are an essential part of the University's framework for quality assurance. All approved courses and pathways leading to an award of the University require an external examiner. 

For further details about the process of external examination, please see the link to External Expertise Chapter of the QAA UK Quality Code.

External subject advisers may be appointed to assist external examiners in certain cases, for example short courses or language awards. New, relatively inexperienced external examiners are normally mentored in the first year of their role.

The role of external examiners is to assure the quality of students' learning experiences and ensure that they are assessed fairly in relation to other students on the same course and to all students across the University and nationally.

External examiner/subject adviser reports are an integral part of the University's quality assurance processes. They form part of the requirements for annual monitoring and review and in all cases course teams must demonstrate how they have responded to the views and comments made by external examiners/subject advisers.

The University has been granted a Licence Agreement by Pearson and thus offers a range of Pearson awards, under which responsibility for quality is delegated to the University. The University itself appoints and remunerates external examiners responsible for Pearson awards.

You are advised to review the 'Guidelines for the Completion of Proposal Forms' document before seeking to appoint an external examiner/subject advisor/mentor.

Additional Information

Plus Icon External Examiner Report Templates

To submit a Mentor’s Report, complete the Mentor Report Form

To submit a Chief External Examiner Report, complete the Chief External Examiner Report Form

To submit supplementary information for Teaching courses, complete the  QTS/EYTS Examiners Form

Course Directors can respond to External Examiner Reports by completing the Course Director Report Response Form

External Examiners who are unable to attend either Progression and Award Boards/Module Boards should complete the External Examiner Non-Attendance Form

Please note that reports must be submitted within 4 weeks of the Date of the Progression and Award Board

External Examiners can claim expenses by completing the External Examiner Expenses Claim Form

Personal details retained by our Human Resources Department are collected by completing the External Examiner Personal Details Form

Financial Regulations state that all staff using their own vehicles on behalf of our University shall maintain appropriate insurance cover for business use. Motor declaration for staff owned vehicles requires the completion of the Insurance Cover Declaration (Vehicles) Form

Changes to External Examiner’s Personal Details are notified by completing the Change of Details Form

Plus Icon External Examiners Appointment

The University’s External Examiner Scrutiny Group considers proposals for the appointment of External Examiners. Academic Schools submit a range of forms for nominees including:

The External Examiner/ External Subject Adviser Proposal Form for proposing a course or module specialist Examiner or subject adviser.

The Reallocation of Duties or Additional Duties for an Examiner or Subject Adviser Form to request additional or a  change of duties for an external examiner already in post

The Approval of a Mentor to Support an External Examiner/Subject Adviser Form to enable a mentor to be allocated to a new external examiner

The Proposal for Upgrade to Chief Examiner form to propose an Examiner to oversee a group of courses or modules

The length of time an examiner is in tenure for a course is limited, however, Academic Schools can request an extension to the tenure for maximum of one year through the  Approval of an Extension of Tenure for an External Examiner/Subject Adviser Form


Our Guidelines for the Completion of External Examiner Proposal Forms will support you with the completion of the paperwork required to enable external examiners to undertake their duties

Plus Icon External Examiners Development

The External Examiners Handbook is intended to give general guidance to External Examiners, External Subject Advisers and Mentors on their roles and responsibilities, together with an outline of our University’s framework for the assessment of students.

Guidance is provided to all External Examiners on how to log into the University’s MyBeckett Virtual Learning Environment to access the External Examiners Induction Module (PDF).

Plus Icon Right to Work

The List of Acceptable Documents provides assurance that External Examiners’ are entitled to work in the UK. Evidence is provided through the submission of acceptable documents referenced against the Right to Work Checklist.

Plus Icon Useful Documents

Further guidance documents provided to External Examiners’ include the Asylum, Immigration and Nationality Act and the Moderated Sample Form.

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