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Insurance and Risk

Insurance and Risk

Welcome to Insurance and Risk. We provide guidance to staff and students on all matters related to insurance policies and risk advice for areas such as overseas travel and insurance issues. We are located in Room 212, Queen Square House, City Campus and can be contacted using the details on the right.

Travel and Injury Insurance

The University provides free comprehensive Travel and Injury insurance for staff and students on University business or study related trips overseas.
Plus Icon Staff

All staff will receive an email containing a copy of the travel insurance documents including business class assistance programme and a link to our insurers travel security website. This will be emailed to you once your Overseas Visit Proposal (OVP) has been authorised. To apply for an overseas business trip via an OVP please click on this link bellow.

Our current policy also allows accompanying partners and children to be covered on the same trip. Business partners may also be covered subject to conditions, please get in touch with us to discuss. Please name who is to go with you on your OVP and we will get in touch to make the appropriate arrangements. We can allow personal incidental leave up to the equivalent of the business element, so please note this on your OVP. Any staff planning on being away on business for more than 180 days must contact us to make further arrangements.

Plus Icon Students

We are now able to offer all students free comprehensive Travel and Injury insurance for University related trips overseas. To apply, please complete the application form and email to

You will receive an email containing your insurance documents including business class assistance programme and access to our insurers travel security website so you can view your destinations. Please refer to our FAQs on student travel for more information or get in touch with us on the above.

Plus Icon Main benefits of travel cover
  • Unlimited medical and repatriation cover
  • Cancellation or amendment expenses outside of the insured’s control £10,000
  • Business equipment £3000
  • Personal belongings £10,000
  • Personal Liability £5 million
Plus Icon Emergency contacts -  Business Class Assistance Programme

You will be sent details of our insurers 24 hour worldwide business class assistance programme. The number to contact is +44(0) 20 7173 7796 quoting policy number UKBBBC65269 or give the name of our University. Should you need medical attention, make sure you give the insurance details to the medical centre so appropriate treatment can be agreed and in most cases the treatment billed directly to our insurers. Our insurers are able to translate in up to 80 languages. The assistance programme also provides advice for security issues, lost travel documents and many other situations. If you just need general advice, in office hours you can contact us on the above.

Plus Icon Security and risk advice

Although we will send you access to our insurer's security risk website with your insurance documents, please contact us if you have any queries with regards your destination or your personal circumstances. We have access to many resources to help your trip go smoothly or put you in touch with staff who have travelled to your destination recently.

Plus Icon Women's Travel Safety -  Maiden Voyage website

Our Insurance and Risk team have signed up to Maiden Voyage to provide safety training resources and secure networking for women travelling on business at home and abroad. Please feel free to explore the Maiden Voyage website below where you can sign up for free and access a network of international ambassadors who can give you inside information about their home cities, recommend places to stay or even meet or assist you on your travels.

Plus Icon Chubb Travel Smart Application

Our insurers Chubb/ACE Europe have introduced a new mobile application, Chubb Travel Smart, that staff and students can download to iOS and Android 4.4 and up smartphones.

This app gives real time information on your destination, health and security information, a live currency converter, one touch emergency calling to our insurer's medical and security advisors and to the in country diplomatic offices. It will also send alerts for security and travel disruption and the University can send you alerts if required. The user guide document below gives a good overview of the features.

If you have any questions please contact us using the contact details on the right.

Plus Icon Claims

If you need to make a claim, please get in touch and we will provide you with a claim form and instructions. If our insurers paid for your loss or treatment abroad, please make sure you make us aware as soon as possible.


The University’s Motor insurance covers our owned, leased and hired vehicles to be driven by staff and students with authorisation to drive on business activities only.
Plus Icon Driving Licences

The University’s Motor insurance covers our owned, leased and hired vehicles to be driven by staff and students with authorisation to drive on business activities only.

From 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart to the photocard will have no legal status and will no longer be issued by DVLA. Licences issued before 1998 or from Northern Ireland are still valid and can be submitted. This link from DVLA explains how the new system works:

All persons wishing to drive a University insured vehicle must submit a downloaded pdf copy of their counterpart, along with a photocopy of their plastic card. To download the pdf document, licence holders must click on the below link and enter their licence number, National Insurance number and postcode. (

Once entered and your licence details can be viewed, click on the ‘Share your licence information BETA’ tab and then the Create a Code green button. This will generate a check code, underneath which is a link to View, print or save your licence information. Click on this and save the document so you have a copy and so you can forward to P2P-Orders who arrange vehicle hire for many staff. You must also send a copy to the delegated person in your area if they arrange vehicle hires or manage fleet vehicles, whoever is arranging the hire must check your licence is valid for the category of vehicle to be driven.

Staff should contact us if any licence holds 6 penalty points or more or if you have any query on vehicle categories or such as foreign licences. If any additional points are incurred, a new copy must be submitted. Staff or students whose licence is less than two years old may be disqualified after six points only. All staff and students must update the DVLA with any changes to their licence such as address or name change. Unless you hold the old paper style only licence, your licence expires after 10 years so you must renew it and submit a new copy. Failure to do so could lead to a £1000 fine from the DVLA.

For full information on road traffic laws and such as licences, driving a minibus, temporary disablement, please click here

All drivers must have with them a copy of our Accident Form which contains our insurance details which you must exchange with third parties in the event of an accident.

Plus Icon Non UK Licence

To check a non UK licence the holder must call DVLA on 0300 7906801 and leave permission for a person from the insurance team to call them. The menu sequence to get to this is 1 – 4 – 2.

We can then call DVLA to check the licence. Non UK licences are generally valid for one year from the residence but please check with us.

Plus Icon Hire Vehicles

Our motor insurance covers all hire vehicles. Our approved suppliers such as Enterprise and Arrow Self Drive are sent a copy of our certificate annually. Any vehicles hired for 14 consecutive days or more by law must be detailed on our insurers Motor Insurance Database, failure to do so can result in a heavy fine for the University. Please send any details of 14 day+ hires to us immediately.

You must check the condition of the vehicle on collection and drop off to avoid the University being charged for damage it may not have caused. Make sure you ask that any damage, low petrol and missing kit such as parcel shelf or inflator kit, is marked on the hire agreement sheet and take photos if possible. See the section on Accidents and Vehicle Damage for further information.

Plus Icon Driver Risk Assessment and Health Conditions

All staff driving on University business must complete the on-line Driver Risk Assessment prior to their first journey. This must be saved and a copy given to their line manager to consider any highlighted risks such as recent accidents, convictions or health issues. Further guidance can be sought from the below Safety Health & Wellbeing documents to consider risk mitigation.

Health conditions You must inform DVLA of certain health conditions listed in the link below. These must be stated on your Risk Assessment and discussed with your line manager prior to driving a University insured vehicle or your own on University business. If in any doubt about your fitness to drive please contact us in the first instance for a confidential discussion.

Leeds Beckett University students driving either our insured vehicles or their own on University activities must complete the below Student Driver Disclosure Form. Staff agreeing to students driving are responsible for the risk assessments. You should contact us in the first instance if you have any queries.

Plus Icon Fines and offences

Any fines or offences such as speeding, bus lane, car parking or congestion charge notices are to be incurred by the driver. If we are notified by the police or local authorities, we will inform you at the earliest and you must deal with it immediately.

Plus Icon Minibuses and Section 19 Permits

If you intend to hire a minibus, that is a vehicle with 10 seats or more, you must get in touch with us in the first instance so we can ensure you have the correct D1 entitlement, are 25 years of age or older and arrange for you to have a Section 19 Permit which allows you to drive a minibus without a PSV licence, so long as it is not for hire or reward. There are strict rules for the use of a minibus under the Section 19 Permit Scheme, failure to comply may result in the driver and University facing police charges.

Plus Icon Personal vehicle use for University business

Your personal vehicle is NOT insured under the University’s Motor policy. You must ensure that you have Business Class insurance before you drive your vehicle on University business which includes travel between both campuses. You must complete either the disclaimer on iTrent if available or complete our Declaration of Business Cover document and return to Staff Travel. If in doubt contact us to discuss, there are some occasions when social, domestic and pleasure cover may be sufficient. Students visiting placements must also check with their insurers that they are covered for using their vehicle for activities whilst on placement.

Plus Icon Accidents and vehicle damage

It is an offence to not stop and report damage to a third party or police under the Road Traffic Act. If someone is injured, call the police and if necessary, an ambulance.

All accidents and damage to University or hired vehicles must be reported immediately to Insurance & Risk regardless of circumstances. This includes damage to any third party vehicle or other property, animal or street furniture such as bollards or lampposts.

An Accident Form must be taken by the driver on all journeys. This form will help you attain all the details required at the scene of an accident and to provide the third party with our insurance details. Complete as much as possible and take photos of any damage and the scene of the accident. If you cannot drive the vehicle, call the breakdown company listed in the vehicle or the hire company. Call our insurers if the windscreen is damaged, the instructions are on the Accident Form.

University Property

All University property, including buildings, contents and computer equipment is insured for replacement value against its loss but with a high excess of £50,000. Equipment on loan is insured to £250,000 and contents anywhere in the UK, other than our properties is £100,000, again with the high excess. We also have Business Interruption cover for loss of gross revenue and increase costs of working. For full details of all the above, please get in touch with us.
Plus Icon Personal Property

The University contents policy does not cover loss of personal property unless there has been a forced and violent entry to our premises. If the University is deemed legally liable for loss or damage to your property then a claim may be made by getting in touch with us in the first instance.

Liability Covers

The University has a wide range of liability covers including Public and Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers, Crime, Medical Malpractice and Clinical Trials. Some are listed below, please call us to discuss should you require further information. Should you be asked to provide proof of our Employers and Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, please click on the below.

Liability Covers

Plus Icon New Activities

If you are aware or are planning any new activities, please contact us in the first instance so we can ensure we have the appropriate cover in place. The University is a large organisation and we need to know that all our risks are covered, especially with regard to research and consultancy.

Plus Icon Employers Liability

Employers Liability is compulsory under UK law and our cover provides the University with an indemnity in respect of its legal liabilities for loss or injury to employees, placement students and some associated staff. Should any staff be placed on secondment abroad, please get in touch with us.

Employers Liability

Plus Icon Public Liability

Public Liability provides the University with an indemnity in respect of its legal liabilities for loss, injury or damage to third parties arising from our business activities. Cover is £50 million in respect of each claim and in the aggregate.

Public Liability

Plus Icon Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity provides the University with an indemnity in respect of professional breach of duty by reason of any neglect, error or omission by an employee engaged in approved University activity. Cover is on a claims made basis so our insurers must be informed within the policy period. Cover is £5 million in respect of any one claim and in the aggregate.

Plus Icon Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers provides legal protection costs for the University and personal liability for managerial staff for any alleged or actual wrongful act in the course of their duty.

Plus Icon Work Placements

Any work placement students at the University are covered by our Employers Liability. If you are responsible for arranging student placements in the UK or overseas, you must ensure they are covered by the host organisation's liability covers such as Employers Liability or Workers Compensation Scheme. Call us if you are not sure. As per our Travel section, we can provide comprehensive and free Travel and Injury insurance for students going overseas on placements.

Our Public Liability covers our legal liability for loss or injury to a third party caused by the acts or omissions of our students as agents of the University. This cover also protects the University against loss or injury to one of our students if we are found to be legally liable. If you are asked to sign a contract with a host organisation, please get in touch to discuss.

Placements Providers Declaration

Placements and Visits Indemnity

Plus Icon  Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials - please call us if you are unsure of any activity cover in the first instance.

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