Register of Interest

In accordance with the Nolan Principles of Public Life, colleagues are expected to discharge their duties impartially and objectively and to take steps to avoid any conflict of interest. Occasionally outside interests and activities, or those of close family members, may give rise to actual or perceived conflicts of interest. In the interests of transparency and probity, a register of interests has been established.†

Should you need assistance, please contact Governance and Legal Affairs.†

Compulsory Register of Interest returns

In accordance with our Board of Governorsí and audit requirements, annual declarations of interest are required from:

  • Governors;
  • members of the Senior Management Group; and
  • staff with budgetary responsibility listed on the UNIORG list.
In addition, we ask members of staff, who are identified by Financial Services to have substantial procurement, to also complete declarations.

As a member of at least one of the above categories, these colleagues are asked to declare any matters which might influence, or be seen to influence, their conduct in respect to business and decision making. Declarations should be made on first appointment and thereafter annually.

Please note that the Register is open to public inspection.

Compulsory declarations are held by Governance and Legal Affairs and are collected via an online survey. For colleagues who have previously completed the register, they can review and confirm whether their previous responses remain current and amend them where necessary.†

Declarations at meetings

At meetings, colleagues are expected to declare their interest in a matter under discussion, even if that interest has already been registered. On the advice of the Secretary, the Chair may require a member to withdraw from any discussion, decision, or vote on a matter where a direct or indirect financial interest, or a substantial non-financial interest, exists or has been declared. For further information, please refer to the Standing Orders.

Service contacts

Governance & Legal Affairs

0113 812 9395
E-mail Governance & Legal Affairs
Register of Interest
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