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Attendance Monitoring

In line with the Student Attendance Policy , the University has an Attendance Panel. Schools may refer students to the Attendance Panel where a student’s attendance has fallen below acceptable levels and they have not responded to local interventions.

The Attendance Panel is composed of:

  • DVC – Academic (Chair)
  • 2 x Deans of Schools

Following consideration of the referrals made by Schools, the Attendance Panel can recommend one of the following courses of action:

  1. The student receives further guidance and support to enable them to attend at the required level. They will be required to sign an Individual Improvement Development Plan, the detail of which will be agreed with the School.
  2. The student will be withdrawn. The student will receive written notification of the date from which they have been withdrawn and provided with information about how to appeal the decision should they wish to.

Appealing a decision of the Attendance Panel

The Attendance Panel Appeal form can be accessed here

Students have the right to make one appeal which will be considered by the Secretary & Registrar. The appeal must be submitted to within 10 working days of the date of the letter they have received advising them that they have been withdrawn. Where a student submits an appeal, their student status will be reinstated pending the outcome of the appeal.

There are 2 grounds for appeal of a decision of the Attendance Panel and these are:

  1. Procedural regularities that resulted in the student being disadvantaged.
  2. Evidence available in relation to the student’s attendance which had not been considered by the Attendance Panel.

The student is responsible for completing the Appeal Form and submitting it within the required timeframe.

Students wishing to appeal a decision of the Attendance Panel may wish to contact the Students’ Union Advice Service by telephone on 0113 812 8400 or by email to The Students’ Union is a separate organisation from the University and they will be able to offer impartial advice and support to students who are thinking of appealing.

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