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Leeds Beckett University and the Students’ Union work together in partnership each year to support the delivery of an excellent education and experience for all students.

This partnership approach enables the Student Voice to inform the annual review and continuous monitoring and improvement of our courses. Our university supports a range of Student Voice mechanisms which encourage all students to give feedback on what is working well or where they believe things could be improved. These mechanisms include module evaluations, student surveys, focus groups and forums and meetings with Course Leaders and Deans of Schools.

Another key element in our approach is the support and enhancement of the Course Representative role. All students should have opportunities to provide feedback via Course Representatives, who are a focal point for student views and the responses of the Course team to the feedback received. Course Representatives need the support and encouragement of staff in order to perform their duties as effectively as possible and should be seen as an integral part of the wider ‘Course Team’.

A compact training module on our University’s recommended process for Course Rep elections is available via People Development Online.

A Course Representation Staff Handbook is available here

Student Rep Elections – Staff Consultation

Given the importance we place on Course Representation we are seeking staff views on ways to enhance the election process further and would value your feedback on the following proposals and options for electing Course Representatives. 

The SU are simultaneously coordinating a student consultation on the proposals outlined below. 

We will be emailing some staff groups directly to seek their views but you can participate by emailing your views to the address below.

Topic 1. Enabling timely election of Course Representatives

The Students’ Union and University are considering implementing an earlier election process for 2017/18 academic year. Voting will take place at the same time as the Students’ Union’s main elections in March.

- This would enable the election of students continuing into 2017/18 e.g.  Level 5 and 6 Course Representatives and some Level 7 Course Representatives to be appointed for the 2017/18 academic year during semester two of the current academic year, with a view to embedding this as standard practice in future years.  

- This would allow a longer period of time for Course Representatives to be adequately prepared and supported by both the Students’ Union and University staff prior to the summer so that they are able to undertake the role in the following academic year.

- The election of Level 4 and any further L7 or other Course Representatives would continue to take place early in semester one of each academic year). 

Your views are sought on this proposal.

Topic 2. Course Representative Election Process

This new approach, coupled with the Students’ Union’s continued development of their Union Cloud web platform, offers the opportunity to review and potentially change the way that the election of Course Representatives is delivered across the University.  There are potential benefits of moving to this approach but we are aware that there are also risks associated with such a change.

We would like your views on the following options:

Option 1 – fully online election, with number of vacancies specified and both nominations and elections undertaken online

Option 2 – partially online election, with number of vacancies and candidate names provided to the Students’ Union by course staff, but election carried out online

Option 3 – the status quo - No change to current process

Option 4 – alternative suggestions

If you would like to participate in the consultation, please email (eg: Name, Role, Topic X/ Option X,) any feedback you think will be helpful to

This consultation will close on 16th December 2016. 

For further information please contact Michelle Ritchie in QAS.

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